Modulus Monowave

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Modulus Monowave

monophonic simple Synthesizer with 2 digital oscillators with 256 waveshapes from many well known Wavetable synths. These waveshapes are not wavetables. Some of the waveshapes can be found for example in the PPG wave range of synths. The filter is a Moog clone. The 2 ADSRs are fully analog.

Not based on the Waldorf Microwave (very different technics, but sharing all the classic PPG waveshapes).

Best mix of the digital waveshapes and a strong filter, but it's a bit limited like

LFO from 0.1hz to around 10 Hz (later added software LFO because of user requests)

On the other hand the Arpeggiator is way more tight to midi clocks and speed changed then all others by pro companies. And it starts the arpeggio allways with a quantise function (depending on the used clock ratio) on the right midi clock beat. This is unique.

Pictures and sounds are available from

Made by Paul Maddox