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Sequencer by Sequentix, UK

the SEQUENTIX P3 looks and feels very much like a traditional sequencer, it never has to be stopped for performance, so this is one step forward since you can save your patterns.. it has 8 tracks and you can also send midi CC, so it is quite close to t he idea of the manikin schrittmacher. it can also change the direction etc. scaling (time) can also be changed while playing. (no picture, sorry. go to their site), you can edit patterns while playing, jump around incl. keeping the step mutes. there are 48 patterns for your 8 tracks, there are also extra 4 patterns per line (8x4) which are made for performing with it.. so each track can hold it's own patterns.. there are so called aux events that control the machine and events (also 4) like vel, pitch,length, delay, CCs, random stuff, step on/off can also be a target.. counters and conditions when things shall happen.. so again.. it is more comparable to the schrittmacher .. do it's not LOTS of memory but since it is all designed well it helps. anyway, you can still use 2 of them.. for a full song you may keep it minimal.. but .. same thing on the schrittmacher, it has even less memory (30 presets for the whole machine).

image http://www.sequencer.de/pix/sequencer/p3.jpg

sequencer http://www.sequencer.de/specials/sequencer.html