Phat Sound Tutorial

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Phatness / Make it fat


valid for Moogs, the Q, Andromeda etc... and all synth that have ext.inputs and/or a virtual mixer (nord modular / pulsar)

how to

Ever wanted to fatten up your Minimoog, A6 or (something subtractive with external in): Take the Signal of one or more Filters (the mixer out) and feed it back into the external in, now carefully turn up the ext.noise where the signal comes back.. result: mo'phat :-)) and nice interesting "drive".. I often use this trick on a clavia nord modular, too - also adding a sinewave is also good for making it a bit bigger.. you can also always do that on the Q to add another 2 filters (for resonators) etc.. special a6 (here) and nord modular (here) tricks..