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Recording Audio and playing it back is the basic principle behind the Sampler. Like a Tape Recorder or CD but into RAM or onto Hard Disc in a DAW. Current Synthesizer models contain Sampling, there are a lot of older Hardware Samplers and of course Software Samplers. Just one thing: Sampling means really recording on the Box, so most of the newer "Samplers" do not necessarly offer an Audio input for Sampling, so in that case you will need to sample via the Audio interface on your computer, use an Audio Editor to cut and trim your samples and save it as WAV or AIF Format. After that you feed the Software Samplers or Hardware Synthesizers or Sampling Grooveboxes via Cards or USB, if they are a bit older you may need SCSI Drives or Diskettes and possibly conversion of the formats.


Siehe auch Hardware Sampler

Some Grooveboxes and Drummachines use Samples, too so have a look on these: