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About Moogulator

Moogulator is a music project by mic irmer, cologne


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- freelance author and creator of/for Magazines:

Created or wrote for / gründete oder machte mit bei: Electronic Disease Magazin, Gothic Press, Beat , Keys, Bluesynths , Musicians Life and Amazona. of course Synthesizer-Magazin and

- computer- & audio & synthesizer tech specialst

- audio engineer (school of audio engineering, SfT)

and of course the moogulator music project.. live + studio - audio + CD+Vinyl

- and sound designer and musician: studio + on stage (with others like dr.walker from air liquide or with bOOmbaum & nille Allstar (dAdA-iNN) and was part of lots of gigs, electro-jams and concerts.. won some awards with dada-inn at ars electronica, siggraph, vilnius short films (audio from dada-inn)..

- helped to establish electronic music networks + communities

- gives workshops about synthesis and synthesizers, audio and computers

- the most important one: plays music under the moogulator name - abstract beats live or studio works as Moogulator, former ConseQuencE

Moogulator as a music project plays live solo (find info here on the site) & - with another music project with boombaum and nilleallstar called dAdA-iNN at any place including art exibitions or simply clubs..

-has released some CDs + Vinyl albums, compilations and vinyl.. see the releases section for overview..

if you want an impression of moogulators solo music "style" have a look at the audio and video sections - also dada-inn plays a comparable but not identical style..


Abstract Electro / Beats - Maschinensound - IDM - Ambient- DnB - Industrial - Synthpop etc.

Current Releases

Music Projects Moogulator

- Moogulator - [1] - current project - abstrakt elektro - unruhiger ambient to warped sounds

- Consequence - industrial / electro / mind movie

- Dada-inn - iNNtelligent beats

- Volition - see Consequence.

- Karma Propaganda Synthpop.

- Digital Slaughter (+Schl8ta) - electro mit ebm Vergangenheit

- Graft (+Frank Hoffmann) - dark Electro

- Cybotech - Technoid

- and more..

Moogulator jam web logo.jpg


  • Moogulator @ Discography Discogs: [2]
  • Consequence @ Discography Discogs [3]

more discogs Moogulator Projects (Discography)

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LIVEPROFIL FÜR PARTYPLANUNG - Live Profile for Live Performance / Parties

[x] solo performer elektronisch, electronic

[ ] duo elektronisch, electronic

[ ] band elektronisch, electronic (currently no more)

[_] solo traditionell

[_] duo traditionell

[_] band traditionell

[X] Jams with others.. / Jammen mit anderen

[_] dj

[_] vj

[x] photo/film (ja, es muß ja auch dokumentiert werden, need some documentation)

[x] live engineer [helpful sometimes..!]

[_] misc. stuffs (artist, swashbuckler whatever..) sonstiges z.b. feuerschlucker, schnellbiertrinker usw...

[_] misc II, even more to say.. ? falls ich was vergessen habe bitte hier mit erläuterung anklicken

[x] konzertant - concert like

[x] clubmäßig - more clubby?

  • es gibt: ein duo (digital slaughter), solo (moogulator) und trio (dada-inn). alles unterschiedliche elektronische stile
  • moogulator - Britzelpop / frickelektro / abstract beats - konzert und club
  • consequence - naja, zzt nicht so aktiv daher lass ichs mal raus - ebm/industrial /synthpop) denn wir suchen hier die live-acts!!! - konzert
  • dada-inn - elektro / dnb "iNNtelligent beatz" - club oder konzert