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WALDORF Q+ (Waldorf Q Plus)
whats new (deutsch unten)
a first quick-and-dirty sequence mp3 here
tell me,if you would like the patch here,too..
-> COMPARE the Q+ / Q with Alesis Andromeda A6 ? some words about it (english)..

DEUTSCH:ein aktueller Test mit weiteren SOUND von mir befindet sich hier ;)
waldorf micro Q test (deutsch) hier
ENGLISH: find some info below, there are some more sounds and a german review that I wrote waldorf Q+  - Q plus
That mp3 is simply 2 filters max and drive.. What I tweaked: drive, cut/reso, env amounts etc..
Also env paramters (env3 & env1 for filters) Also nice: turn the routing.. Anyone here,who wants the patch? I would upload it ,too..
first its a comb on filter 1, later I switched over to analog for both, so you always listen to the analog filter(s).
Note: its not the finest.. Its more quick and dirty.. No wavetables used in this demo so far.. ;) Just one sequence and the knobs.. Single mode!
I compared the analog & digital filters.. You need to adjust a bit,but it's easy as long you do not use trix like drive mod etc.
But the new drive really sounds good!!..(drive comes in a bit later in that mp3)
The very last part is just one filter doing the rhythmic drum-like part.. The other filter does the rest of the sound..

Easy: kraftwerk sounds (autobahn bass, zapp etc..) Most convincing now!!..

Well, seems i only use digital filters, if it's not that important.. Try comb feed noise color (turn the noise color!!) and filter it!! With the noise color you can adjust a hi-reso comb as one component..
If noise has less hi frequencies you can also saturate the filters or comb without letting the listener know ;) (this is what I do on the andromeda,too)

Here is a small list..

Waldorf Q: everything's like on the standard Q.. (filters etc..) but you have the x pole filters (lpf,bpf,hpf)
more info: HERE
Q plusboard movie (the red overview) the movie..
want to see the new ANALOGBOARD (thx to jörg): the movie..

like the WAVE the Q is a hybrid system (digital and analogue mixed) stefan stenzel told me of a digital "trick" that is used to make the xpole board make reso-HPF & BPF, too.. but (trust me) it SOUNDS analog, still!!

btw: the price maybe seems sound §"$%§$%.. but remember: its a A to D converter then the analog discrete filter than back to digital (converter again!)..!

The System is now going towards OS4 and now Noise Color is introduced into the Mixer Edit Menu, so you can adjust der noise level, balance AND the SOUND of the noise, that makes it much more flexible. the real new thing is of course the ANALOGUE FILTERS, there is 1 or 2 per voices with 12 or 24 dB lowpass!!

I tried a comb at quite high resonance with 24LPF analogfilter triggered by noise and some oscs.. THIS is what you can call a new dimension.. just turning the noise colour up and down can create new moons and worlds!! ;)

the analogue filters do not respond to FM mod at OSCspeed,as the PPG filters. all other filter types are FMable!!

that make the 100 voice-Q much more powerful in sound.. the drive really sounds usable now!! the first thing to do is: let it cry, the resonance!!.. and it is really THEEE thing that you ever wanted in the Q: the resonant "area" near self oscillation has the long unheard chaotic modulation in itself ,that makes the analog filters so much better than any simulation.. for some basses and "static" sound I still recommend the old "digital" filters.. but if it comes to modulation or something that needs an extra BYTE.. switch over to analog .. it simply sounds better..

now make a nice wavetable and FM sound and use analog filters in it.. great!!..

atm its not exatly free of bugs.. but some updates will follow these days..

and one might assume: the 16 and 32 voice normal Q will have more voices,soon ;)
also the S/H filters will come in as "filter" model to have modable samle and bitrate per VOICE!! (as in the XT but better..)
Waldorf Q+ synthesizer logo

if you got the chance to see the Q plus: check 2 filters and set them differently at 1/3rd of resonance, the other at more resonance and mod it with different ENVs!! so you got some sort of modulating the "filtertype" from 12 to 24 - means: 24+24=48dB per voice use the routing knob for "filtertype moding"!! (ok, its not the type..)

of course OS3.5 contains filter tuning routines (will come soon) and the promised s/h filter will come in s.o.o.n,too (that means: cutoff and resonance now can controll sample rate and resolution PER VOICE as seen in a smaller version in the XT!)

btw: XT will surely be updated .. the wavetables (reserved) will be filled and and the PPG filter will come in .. maybe some FX.. do NOT expect more!! the XT is near full and at the end of its DSP power.. but let me tell you it will push the XT and XTk a bit forward whern the OS is out (os 3 to be released this year 2002) .. btw: find my XT only track "ereigniswelt3 on the waldorf XT demosongs - server!!"

Q: well since waldorf will introduce the S/H filters.. this is a very very good thing because per voice FX are a real nice thing.. there are still some tings in the pipeline ;) but let them some time.. the Q plus will probaly get some more features because of its newer motorola board.
Waldorf Q+ synthesizer

the current Q plusses are delivered with colored noise and...

and.. expect better digital drive variations sometime?..

audio demos by moogulator:

filtertypmorph_final.mp3 filterdigi1.mp3 filterana1.mp3 noisekuh_final.mp3 noisekuh_final2.mp3
find in here: morphings between filters (slope!), noise colour parameter, analog vs. digital filters,...

some thoughts:

1) the filters do a lot to sounds, if you once connected your Xt to an analogue filter like a moogerfooger or the q plus filters (not you still can use the input to filter external sounds on the Q). so digital filters are more a tribute to cheap production (DSP boards are far cheaper than analogue boards.. and the average analogue chips have a failure rate of 50% in the prduction line.. means: 50% have to be thrown away!!)

2) OSCs and ENVs are still things to examine!! I still hear differences.. but: the waldorf Q plus added a lot to my older sounds when I just switched over to analogue filters and little adjustment.

maybe and hopefully other companies follow this good path of insight.. analogue sounds "better" if its pure LPF or something.. but it may not be the last word: 1) raise the resolution and sample rates of softsynths, put in analogue envelope curves (I know only of one project: the creamware minimoog emulation (the new one)).. because this is still different sounding..

so, what is the best: using analogue OSCs combined with analogue ones?, filters, envelopes, mixers, VCAs?.. to be continued..

NEUER ANALOGER Q.. oder besser: die xpole-filter sind im neuen q+ (rot).
alles bleibt sonst so, also es gibt alle filter und synthesesachen, wie bisher..
nur, dass die gutklingenden analogfilter auch ausser LPF auch BPF und HPF werden können
die bisherigen filter gibts natürlich auch. der q+ hat auch generell 32 stimmen.. aaaber : die hälfte muss ohne analogfilter auskommen, da dies hardwarededingt nicht aufs board passt..

mehr info: HERE

Q plus movie (the red overview) the movie..

stefan sagte mir , es gibt einen kleinen digitalen "trick", um den xpolefilter auch dazu zu brigen auch HPF und BPFs zu machen (immernoch mit resonanz) ;) .. ich kann nur sagen: es ist ihm gelungen..
der preis? also der kommt mit sicherhait dadurch zustande das es: 16 analoge diskrete filter gibt, jeder filter hat natürlich einen Wandler (DAC) von D->A , dann filter und wieder von A->D!!! es gibt zudem auch eine analoge verzerrung.. die "drive" des digitalen Q war imo eh nicht so "musikalisch".. daher definitiv eine echte klangliche bereicherung.. hybrid ist etwas, was waldorf mit dem wave ja schon iendrucksvoll bewiesen haben: macht sinn!!.. so gut sind die digitalen filter in punkt authentizität nun eben nicht, daher machen die analogen sinn: es ist schon ein sehr deutlich hörbarer unterschied!!!

ein FILM vom neuen ANALOGBOARD (danke jörg)! HIER.. so siehts aus..

DEUTSCH:ein aktueller Test mit weiteren SOUND von mir befindet sich auf TEST: deutsche version bei amazona und hier ;)
ENGLISH: find some info below, there are some more sounds and a german review that I wrote for

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