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Das Moogulatorium...the SPECIAL STUFF.. / die BESONDEREN..

Synclavier.. FM Synthesis & more..
the NED Synclavier again..
read the manual "why a synclavier has no midi" ;-)) NED: new england digital.
hi end FM and sampling station, better run it with a mac for editing.. NED Synclavier again.
resynthesis, 12 OP FM, sampling is possible on this machine. you may have heard one @ depeche mode, kraftwerk or other ,even non-electronic-sounding groups/musicians.
NED synclavier
NED synclavier
NED NED Synth overview / überblick..
Fairlight CMI
this machine was maybe the most expensive (digital) gear in the 80ies.. 0.5secs samples, additive and resynthesis (no, it's NOT like the k5000 and the cube.. but maybe inspired), after this PCM sampling like in the korg M1 and D50 samples became very popular..
the fairlight was a complete system with sequencer controlled by lightpen, 2x 8" floppy discs, and midi (not like the midi-less synclavier)..

famous users: vince clark / depeche mode, cabaret voltaire, erdenklang, peter gabriel..

8 CEM3320 VCF in earlier versions
8 SSM2044 VCF in later versions - data sheet -

fairlight CMI
Fairlight Series III.. using real big diskettes ;-)
Fairlight CMI Fairlight Synth overview / überblick..
DK Synergy Synthesizer

a digital Synthesizer that could only be programmed via a Kaypro Computer attached to it. The Kaypro was a quite "normal" Computer at that time, today it is very exotic of course..

on top a thomas synth organ crossover synth..
the thomas 1055

dk synergy
dk synergy + moog thomas synth
neuronium resonator
more info click here

NOT to confuse with the hartmann neuron! (See below)

check this page for special systems like symbolic sound kyma , harmann neuron and neuronium resonator here!

neuronium resonator
Symbolic Sound
- Kyma
Symbolic Sound - Kyma
Yamaha VL1..
physical modeling Synth.. V2.0 .. you can make very special sounds with this!.. mono- / duophon
the Yamaha VL1 - physical modelling for the masses. still quite rare: there are 3 versions:

-the vl1 - duophonic (has 2 "elements" = sound enignes) or the racked vl1m
-the vl7 - monophonic

the downsized version vl70m or the vl module that can be found in some yamaha mu modules and as a module to slot into their bigger newer workstations.

the vl70m is NOT the same as the vl1/7 series and also sounds "weaker". and the FX are also downsized.

more yamaha..

yamaha vl1 physical modeling synthesizer
VL1 synthesizer yamaha

want a closeup movie?? willst du einen kleinen "WAVE-Film" sehen?
film1 (movie) film2 (movie2)

want a closeup movie?? willst du einen kleinen "WAVE-Film" sehen?
film1 film2

more on waldorf in the waldorf menu! english german/deutsch


ein programmer für den DX7 von Jellinghaus.. alles Knöpfe ;-)
this is the full knobbed DX7 programmer..(by jellinghaus)

only 25 were made in the mid. 80ies. this one simply sends SysEx Strings via Midi. so one can connect any DX7,TX7 or TF modules of a TX816..

more on yamaha fm synthesizers, dx5,dx7 etc.. here

Ensoniq is now owned by E-Mu (they are owned by Creative Labs).. in fact it is dead..
find more on transwaves and the like..
german infos:
here (waldorf) waldorf tricks

more ensoniq..

ensoniq? go here..
8bit - sound
nintendo Gameboy ..
there is still a midi cable available.. but don't ask.. ;)

the little thing on the fizmo is a nintendo gameboy with nanoloop ;)
interesting minimal step sequencer beside LSDJ.. info in the SOFTWARE section..

Commodore S X64
well, call it a "laptop" version of the commodore c64..
with built in 1541 floppy drive and CRT screen..

elektron sidstation
this is the heart of the commodore C64 homecomputer from 1983 - the SID chip, a real analogue synthesizer with 3 voices: ringmodulation, ADSR envelopes, PWM for a real lowfi sound..
the sidstation has some additional features..
eg: "wavetables".. and 4 controllers.. not cheap! but possible beside the ucapps C64 a nice way to use it as an instrument..
more -

-----click to enlarge-->

mehr elektron stuff.. (elektron menu)
commodore sx64 computer 8bit
elektron sidstation - C64 sound synthesizer
elektron sidstation - C64 sound synthesizer
Rozzbox ONE
by L.L.Electronics (Kilian Leonhard)
Rozzbox is a one man small "company". it all started to make a nice digital synthesizer for about 250€ on microcontrollers/pic - to make it cheap and no need for DSPs or the like..
so the idea was to make "ROZZ" (rotz = german for.. uhm.. dirt..)
todays music lives from the digital imperfection here.. so you can turn up digital dirt in a special section "rozz (rotz!)" and reduces bits and depth of calculating filters / aliasing is WANTED..

so, yes.. it is not an 8bit C64 synth, but it was designed for lofi sounds.. in fact the Rozzbox ONE sounds much more hi-ended then one might think of. additional to this there is an analog filter available as an option. it has 3 OSCs feat. digital waves also and an LFO and 2 "mod matrix"-kind of routing sections. the filter is LPF or HPF with resonance, oscs range from 4 to 32". there is a small display for saving your sounds and there are of course 2 ADSR envelopes.

LL electronics link..

update 2:

- Analog filter (Transistor basiert/transistor based) ist serienmässig / on all new Rozzboxes (V2)
- Envelope-Follower + Audio In (seperate Ins)
- much faster / wesentlich schnellere Hüllkurven / Modulation
- 2 (plus "Global LFO") statt/instead of 1 LFO
- 4 ModulationsKnoten statt 2 Knoten / 4 mod routings instead of 2
- 9 zusätzliche, feste Modulationswege / 9 more mod routings
- Viel mehr MOD Quellen und Ziele verfügbar / more mod sources
- ziemlich komplexer Sequencer / sequencer
- mehr Rozz / more lofi FX


rozzbox synthesizer
enlarge? click the image!..
rozzbox synthesizer
rozzbox synthesizer
audio here somewhere s.o.o.n
rozzbox synthesizer
rozzbox synthesizer
rozzbox / ll LL Synth overview / überblick..
neuronal synthesizer..
an instant synthesizer?
hartmann neuron QT - movie and info..
hartmann neuron synthesizer
synton syrinx
most are black.. but there are some blue, red, possibly some "lila" ones, too .. and it has a strange controller "mod pad"
300 were made by Synton (Felix Visser, Marc Paping and Bert
Vermeulen) in Holland even keyless expanders in the 90ies.

all pictures and sounds thanks to

click to enlarge!! you will not regret it!!..
the filters and filter routings are very special -->

listen to the filter and Osc sound..:
syrinx.mp3 syrinx1.mp3 syrinx2.mp3 syrinx3.mp3 syrinxosc.mp3

and it still can sound different than these demos ;)
it has osc sync (hard and soft) ->> pulse/saw (hard/soft)
the controllers are quite special "plate layers" that can be pressed to mod the pitch of each VCO or both (not when in sync/softsync).
also: you can control VCF or/and the VCA by those 2 "pads"..
also attack and decay of LFO2..(yes there is an ENV for the LFO)
so it is s a double pressure sensitive touch pad
controling other functions: the waveform for
so there is plenty of routing.. anyway there are limtis eg: lfo2 is hard wired to the filter, the 2BPFs can not be CV'ed by the LFO/ADSR mod.(means independly from the main filter mod)
the LFO mod on peak can be inverted (to the LFO mod on cutoff)
so it is a quite flexible unusual synth. it is not THE bass synth, but it can do, of course.. for it's filter setup is interesting for larynx-like sounds..

the only dutch synth (beside a modular system and solina SE / eminent) is the Synton Syrinx. it is basically a 2 VCO synth with 2 ENVs (adsr type) and (thats THE special for an analogue synth):
3 Filters, they can be routed in 4 different ways (parallel / serial etc..)
synton syrinx synthesizer
synton syrinx synthesizer filter
synton syrinx synthesizer
synton syrinx synthesizer
synton syrinx synthesizer
Synton Synton Synth overview / überblick..
very special machines can be found here..

for converting and lots more.. maybe interesting for modular systems and very special systems..

interesting hardware.. :

site of Marc Marc (scroll!!)