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 ACIDLAB Miami Drummachine/Module + TR sequencer

Acidlab Miami synthesizer
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Built 2009
Type: drum
Hybrid: no
11 Voice / Stimmen
11x Multitimbral
standard Memory / Speicher
Value / Wert in 2017 ca. 700 (rare)
Synthesis: subtractive

OSC Features analog drums
Wave Shapes 16 drums (5 switchable)
10 OSCs
0 Filter
0 LFOs
0 Envelope Generators decay snappy

MIDI CV GATE Control / Triggering
0 Keys with no

Arpeggiator no
Sequencer TR sequencer
(ID 749)
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ABOUT this is basically a clone of the Roland TR808 but with MIDI, all analogue but really as simple about controlling the instrument parameters.
ABOUT Ein der TR808 sehr ähnlicher "Clone" mit MIDI Clock, allerdings ohne Controllersteuerung. Anders als die echte 808 gibt es jedoch Swing.
DETAILS 16 instruments, all analogue - fat and good, 3 trigger outs, ind. outs, 64 steps per pattern (A/B) max. , chase light principle, 4 fill ins, DIN sync - the 808 can be equipped with midi 2 ways: 1) a DIN sync interface is built in, there are lots of din sync to midi converters (doepfer,kenton..) 2)send it in and let kenton add a nice midi interface! (see the red button the the right side? it's a midified TR-808 here!) Roland TR-808 and Jupiter 6 / 8 Buttons.. warning!achtung! the 303 buttons needed to be "slightly adjusted".. most buttons on 808 and Jupiters do not work perfectly these days. here's a replacement: ---> omron B3F-4000 farnell nr.:176434 für 303 ( B3F-4050 ) 176435 and TR808 env/decay times Roland TR808 laufzeiten der hüllkurven

- envelope running times: bd (decay =min) 242ms - (max) 1646ms. sd 199ms lconga 341ms mconga 234ms ltom 455ms mtom 309ms rim 15ms clave 41ms maracas 33ms clap 1964ms cow 1157ms cymbal min 276ms to max 3956ms OH min 144ms max 586ms CH 112ms

5 sounds must be switched and can not sound at the same time like d nicht gleichzeitig zu hören: conga or tom (3x). Maracas or claps and rimshot or claves.
DETAILS 16 Instrumente, alle analog - fett und gut, 3 trigger outs, einzelausgänge und 64 steps maximal möglich, lauflichtprinzip. 4 fill ins, DIN sync

5 Sounds umschaltbar und nicht gleichzeitig zu hören: Conga oder Tom (3x). Maracas oder Claps und Rimshot oder Claves.
SOUND Electro!
SOUND Electro!


Specialized on Roland-TB303 kind of Synths & Sequencer.

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Hauptsächlich auf TB303-ähnliche Maschinen spezialisiert.

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