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MIDI Info + Midi Controllers and things that fit into the "Interface" Idea.

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  • MIDI is for Musical Instruments Digital Interface - a 5 Pin (DIN) Connector - usually IN / OUT / THRU.
  • there is the classical MIDI and USB MIDI which is used for use with computers tunneling the protocol via USB, you need a converter to transport USB MIDI to standard MIDI and vise versa, but most USB MIDI devices that also have MIDI Connectors convert USB MIDI to Standard MIDI.


  • The first ever MIDI Synthesizers communicated on the Music Fair in 1983 - a Roland Jupiter 6 and the SCI Prophet 600 were the first synth shown with MIDI, before that we had to use analog CV/Gate, some companies tried their own digital system like Roland (DCB) or Oberheim (The X System)

MIDI deutsch

  • MIDI ist eine genormte Schnittstelle für Musikinstrumente. Heute gibt es 2 Formen: USB und Standard MIDI, man kann sie leider nicht ohne Interface zueinander konvertieren.

more MIDI related stuff

in detail check the Basics & Format first:


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