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(= Pressure)

Allows to use the pressure after pressing a key on the keyboard as a controller, there is channel aftertouch and polyphonic aftertouch (last one only by Ensoniq Instruments (SQ80 and later) - early analog Synths like the Yamaha CS80 and Sequential Circuits T8 also had Poly AT. Also there is a newer Keyboard (Remote only) out which can be fold for transport - the Vax 77 from Infinite Response. But if you care check Alternative Controllers like Haken Continuum which isn't a keyboard but has pressure sensitivity and maybe sensors do a nice job for you?

Misst den Druck auf die angeschlagene Taste und versendet diese via MIDI bzw analog. Es gibt und gab polyphonen und monophonen Aftertouch (pro Taste oder für alle zusammen) - Auch als Pressure bekannt.


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