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MIDI Controller and USB Tools that control Parameters..

  • Synonyme for a MIDI Controller Knob Device - Is a device that allows to change Parameters on Synths in realtime, lots of them also have a keyboard and other "input" sensors etc. A good Controller Box or Keyboard can also generate Midi SysEx commands for controlling older synths or special Parameters
  • The Midi Controller

128 Controllers can control the Sound of any MIDI Device. The standard Midi Controllers are mapped to some Controllers by Default, others are freely assignable or defined in the General Midi Standard, most Synthesizers do not implement GM but have a special GM Mode for playing Standard Midi Files SMF. The Synthesizers allow to map the Controllers to control any musical parameter or a set of those (depends on the era when the Synth was made..)

Pitchbend and Aftertouch / Pressure are special Controllers (Bidirectional, Higher Resolution) Velocity

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