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 AKAI VX600 Analog Synthesizer

Akai VX600 synthesizer
pic by plasmatron showin VX600
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Built 1988
Type: analog
Hybrid: no
6 Voice / Stimmen
6x Multitimbral
standard Memory / Speicher
Value / Wert in 2017 ca. 500 (ultra rare)
Synthesis: subtractive

OSC Features pwm fm sync
Wave Shapes pulse saw tri noise
2 OSCs
1 Filter lpf hpf self reso 4 Pole
2 LFOs tri square saw
3 Envelope Generators 3x ADSR

MIDI Control / Triggering
37 Keys with velocity aftertouch

Arpeggiator no
Sequencer no
(ID 289)
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ABOUT Akai did real nice analog synths those days, the VX600 is comparable with the Oberheim Matrix 6 and has quite similar features.
ABOUT Akai hat wirklich gute analoge Synthesizer gebaut, der VX600 ist sehr sehr vergleichbar mit dem Oberheim Matrix 6
DETAILS modmatrix like the matrix 6, so very flexible. ext. audio input. nice small keyboard with dynamics! EVI1000 and EWI1000 13pin connector. VX600 also has VCO mod by VCO2 (FM) or VCF mod by VCO (filter fm), the VCOs are the same as the xpander, but to my ears it sounds also analogue and has a mod matrix, FM and: a high pass filter its advantage: the envelopes are faster than any of the others but it is a bit thinner ,cleaner and it'S filters do not sound as warm and nice as the oberheims and marions do. 2 LFOs, quite rare these days. but I'd say: the akais did never sound as warm as the oberheims, possibly it could be YOUR sound.. akai vx600 synthesizer the matrix does not offer the ENV parameters to be modulated, but some of the most important parameters CAN be moded of course!! VX600 also has VCO mod by VCO2 (FM) or VCF mod by VCO (filter fm), the VCOs are the same as the xpander, but to my ears it sounds different... there are 18 destinations in the matrix , some say it is "xpander" like - I say: it has a matrix, therefore it is a bit like a matrix 6, but not the xpander.. it has NO sysex implementation and was made for the wind instruments (EWI, EVI) akai vx600 synthesizer pic thanks to plasmatron it is a small synth looking a bit like a nord modular in white with a small 37 note keyboard (3 oktaves) of course you should not expect controllers or something ,but thats the same with the oberheim/marion stuff. akai vx600 synthesizer
DETAILS modulationsmatrix, dadurch sehr flexibel.. ext. audio input. sogar mit dynamischer tastatur, sehr kompakt. EVI1000 und EWI1000 anschluss (13pin). je ein LFO pro Stimme freilaufend und einer, der bei einem Gate neu getriggert wird.
SOUND nice pads and basses. cool compact live synth, was thought to sell to wind controller users..
SOUND schöne pads und bässe. fx, und livetauglich, weil kompakt. war gedacht für blaswandler-user..

AKAI known or written as Akai Professional

Akai company whose white faced samplers (s-series) early synths (AX/VX) moved the world. the other big thing is and was the MPC which was basically made by Roger Linn.Founded by Masukichi Akai 1929

the company was given "to the chinese" in times of the AX Synths, so it's quite long ago.

Akai belongs to the inMusic group (USA) along with Alesis, Numark, ion…

Official Intl. Site :

Kaum einer kenn nicht die berühmte S-Serie Sampler des Herstellers mit weissem Rack-Gehäuse, sie waren der Verkaufsschlager der 80er und in wirklich jedem Studio zu finden, wirklich innovativ waren sie aber eher mit der MPC und einigen Synthesizern (AX und VX Serie und speziell dem VX600), jedoch hatten sie beim Verkauf der Synthesizer nicht so viel Erfolg. Gegründed von Masukichi Akai.

Akai gehört heute zur inMusic-Group, USA, wie Alesis, Numark, ion

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