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 ALESIS Micron Digital Synthesizer + step sequencer

Alesis Micron synthesizer
Alesis Ion
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Built 2003
Type: digital
Hybrid: no
8 Voice / Stimmen
8x Multitimbral
large Memory / Speicher
Value / Wert in 2017 ca. 300 (not rare)
Synthesis: subtractive

OSC Features pwm hard+soft sync ring fm algorithms
Wave Shapes morph saw-tri pulse sine noise
3 OSCs
2 Filter lpf hpf bpf notch vocal self reso 2-8 Pole
2 LFOs pulse sine tri saw random
3 Envelope Generators 3x ADSSR

MIDI CONTROLLER Control / Triggering
49 Keys with velocity aftertouch

Arpeggiator yes
Sequencer step sequencer
(ID 256)
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ABOUT which has the same structure like the
Alesis Ion but with cute seuencer for performance and smaller..
ABOUT Wie Alesis Ion, aber mit sehr nettem Performance-Sequencer und kleiner..
DETAILS cool Sample and Hold unit, a Real one - LFOs are VERY fast (1khz), all OSC waves can be set in symmetry. routings for sync and FM with 3 OSCs (hard/soft), LFO are being routed in the mod-matrix and the waveform is set in the matrix, too! real cool sequencer with something like step-chase light for performance with split sections..
DETAILS Sample and Hold Einheit (eine richtige), sehr schnelle LFOs bis 1khz. OSC-wellenformen können in der Symmetrie eingestellt werden. Verschaltungen bei Sync (hard/soft) und FM mit 3 OSCs (!), LFOs werden in der Matrix geroutet und haben erst dort eine Wellenform. netter Sequencer, der an einen Lauflicht-Stepper erinnert.. wirklich klasse!
SOUND nice FX but always with some plastic in it.. very cool performance and fun machine
SOUND FX ohne Ende, allerdings mit reichlich VA-Plastikschwurbel.. sehr spassiger sequencer für kleine performances, sogar mit split und "bergleit"-sequencer (im wirklich besten sinne!)
Alesis micron (3okt keys), ion (5okt), Akai Miniak
Alesis micron (3okt keys), ion (5okt), Akai Miniak
alesis micron vs. ion
alesis micron (+ compare ion / micron)
same as ion but with nice kind of one-finger-sequencer with programming on the display.. it's a small synth but it works..
the structure is 3 OSCs and 2 fast LFOs (1khz), modmatrx and 2 filters with some "emulations" of filter types: jupiter, moog, oberheim and formant filter types are available. well, it's still a VA and so you should not expect it to replace a moog or jupiter.. but it isn't a bad sound!!! it has 8 voices.
ION vs. MICRON: the micron has the same engine but a 3oct. keyboard and horizontal wheels. when you edit a sound you have to choose "OSC" on the keypad and press the button, then you can go to a specific OSC parameter (like OSC1 pitch) using the dial.. click again on the knob and you can select another OSC parameter..

there is an ARP'er (ion) and a little sequencer (micron) on board, more for the rhythmic part of your life.. but it is there! some sort of motion recording for controllers is there ,too.
the micron also has a SEQUENCER which is prette close to TR-type step - for rhythm and melody stuff .. step and realtime. for it's small display this is a real cool user interface. the ion has no sequencer aboard. it lets you make sets to play rhythms and melodies instantly.. just by playing.. incl latch mode.

the structure is very different from a microkorg, but it may be theeeee competitor for it.. well, the micron has the more powerful engine and double voices and multimode... (4 slots).. well, I'd say it is quicker on a microkorg to program it and to find the parameters on stage.. but the micron has a full size keyboard and the more flexible sound engine..
of course there is OSC sync and FM aboard and also those 20 filter types..
modmatrx has 12 slots with 114 sources and 78 destinations..
FX: 2 master FX and one per voice in one slot (so it's 4)
vocoder 40 bands.

audio inputs are available in both..
micron alesis micron vs. ion synthesizer TEXT


strange, they always had real usable things, they invented the ADAT recorders and a series of well known FX boxes. the best known one and now discontinued is the 16 voiced real analogue Andromeda, which drew much more attention to Alesis as a synth manufacturer who instroduced VA synths later. today they changed more to the DAW kind of products which are still interesting like more affordable CC boxes for DAW and Mixing. after the release of Andromeda they went into insolvency and where bought by Numark, the DJ mixer company and the A6 dropped the price but the Andro team was fired. anyway it was the most remarkable product of Alesis ever made. there's no other 16 voice poly synth of that complexity around and will sooner or later be mentioned along with the Jupiter 8, the Matrx 12 or the Prophet 5. So thanks to Dave Bryce and Mike Peake (and others) for struggeling to make it real and hope there will be a second generation "Andromeda" incl. 3 Octave, Desktop and Rack Verison with faster LFO as they all wish.

Alesis now belongs to the inMusic group (along with Akai, Numark and ion)

Official Intl. Site :

Alesis gehört wie Akai und Numark zur inMusic Group.

Die Ur-Firma war vor Allem durch das ADAT Format 8Spur Recorder bekannt und die gleichnamige digitale Schnittstelle mit Lichtleitern für bis zu 8 Kanäle. Sie ist auch 2014 noch ein Standard in Audio-Interfaces.

Nach dem Alesis Andromeda - oder genauer während er in den Markt ging, ging die Firma insolvent und wurde von Numark gekauft.

heute gehören Numark, Alesis und Akai zur in Music Group (USA).



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