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 BOEHM Soundlab Modular Synthesizer

Boehm Soundlab synthesizer
Böhm Soundlab
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Built 1979
Type: analog
Hybrid: no
1 Voice / Stimmen
1x Multitimbral
no Memory / Speicher
Value / Wert in 2017 ca. 999 (rare)
Synthesis: modular

OSC Features soft+hard sync pwm ring fm filterFM
Wave Shapes pulse saw sine triangle noise pink white blue
3 OSCs
2 Filter lpf hpf bpf notch self reso 1-3 Pole
1 LFOs tri saw square random
2 Envelope Generators 2x ADSR (cv control)

CV GATE Control / Triggering
49 Keys with no

Arpeggiator no
Sequencer no
(ID 261)
  deutsch - german
ABOUT Böhm Soundlab by Professor Enders (University of Osnabrück) and Oliver Kellogg (electronics specials). was released.. duophonic keyboard. THE BOEHM SOUNDLAB .. short info.. it uses banana jacks and is quite interesting / flexible. it provided multi mode filters when HPF,LPF,BPF combinations were still rare. böhm is a german electronic organ company for DIY kits and other stuffs from minden in germany. biggest competitor is wersi ;) find a nice info about the soundlab in "Synthesizer von Gestern Vol.2" by M.Becker who also released 3 CDs feat. Vintage Synthesizer Tracks .. the böhm was the only synthesizer by böhm beside the böhm dynamic expander with casio-type of PD synthesis , in this case phase modulation meaning phase distortion ;) the soundlab is quite rare and boehm offered DIY Kits and assemlbled ones. quite interesting modules were made.

You can reach Prof. Enders here: bernd.enders ÄT uni-osnabrueck DOT de

and his (german) book is still available:
ABOUT Das Böhm Soundlab wurde von Prof. Enders und Oliver Kellogg (Elektroniker) entwickelt und hat Multimode Filter, eigentlich ist Dr.Böhm eine Orgelfirma, gegründet von Rainer Böhm 1960 (sogar Bausätze gab es), somit war es der erste Synthesizer überhaupt, leider eher nicht so erfolgreich, trotz nicht uninteressanter Möglichkeiten. Duophonie-tauglich.

Prof Enders kann hier angesprochen werden: bernd.enders ÄT uni-osnabrueck PUNKT de

Ein Buch von ihm kann hier noch immer bestellt werden
DETAILS ADSR is voltage controlled (all parameters!), VCA can be linear or expo. , S+H module, LFO Range to about 30Hz. sampler (DSM): 32khz / 8bit, Filter: 18dB/oct. LPF, 12dB/oct BPF, 6 dB /oct Notch (all available simultaneously)
DETAILS ADSR ist komplett (!) spannungssteuerbar, VCA lin oder exp., S+H Modul "MFM" (Multifunktionsmodul), LFO geht bis ca 30Hz. sampler (DSM): 32khz / 8bit, Filter: 18dB/oct. LPF, 12dB/oct BPF, 6 dB /oct Notch stehen gleichzeitig zur Verfügung
SOUND everything, even 8bit sampling
SOUND alles, sogar sampling mit 8bit..
VERSION some optional Modules..
VERSION optionale Module..
Boehm soundlab
bohm soundlab
Böhm Soundlab Boehm soundlab synthesizer

Böhm Soundlab
Das Soundlab von Prof Enders
Böhm Soundlab Boehm soundlab synthesizer IMAGE
Boehm soundlab
bohm soundlab
Böhm Soundlab Boehm soundlab synthesizer

Böhm Soundlab
Das Soundlab von Prof Ende
Böhm Soundlab Boehm soundlab synthesizer IMAGE
Dr.Boehm Top Sound DS
btw: as Consequence / Moogulator I started with a
DIY Organ Kit from Böhm, the Top Sound DS had envelope
(the fx register) for all sounds one env, same with a kind of LFO
for repeat FX and a spring reverb, very 80ies, made in 1979
böhm top sound ds orgel
incl "Böhmat" the Drum Machine of this monster.. drawbars on both keyboards

just in case some1 is interested.. but for me this needs to be in ;)

BÖHM went into insolvency in May 2006
Dr.Böhm Orgel Dr.Boehm Top Sound DS synthesizer

Dr.Böhm Orgel
nunja, ich muss es hier mal loswerden, auch wenns nur mäßig passt: habe 1979 auf der Böhm Top Sound DS angefangen.. ;)

Böhm hat leider im MAi 2006 Insolenz angemeldet
Dr.Böhm Orgel Dr.Boehm Top Sound DS synthesizer IMAGE

BOEHM known or written as Dr.Böhm

Dr.Böhm was founded in 1960 and mainly produced DIY and ready-made Organs of high quality and upgradeablility for a long time. they had 2 Synthesizers: the Modular Soundlab and an Expander with phase modulation synthesis.

Leider inzwischen insolvent (2006) und hauptsächlich im Bereich Orgel und Selbstbau-Orgel bekannt. Synthesizer gab es nicht so viele, aber die Orgeln waren sehr aufwendig. Man bot aber auch das Soundlab an und später einen Synthesizer Expander mit PhasenModulation.



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