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 KAWAI 100F Analog Synthesizer

Kawai 100F synthesizer
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Built 1980
Type: analog
Hybrid: no
1 Voice / Stimmen
1x Multitimbral
no Memory / Speicher
Value / Wert in 2017 ca. 220 (rare)
Synthesis: subtractive

OSC Features subtractive
Wave Shapes saw square noise
1 OSCs
2 Filter lpf self reso + static hpf 4 Pole
1 LFOs saw tri square
2 Envelope Generators 2x AD

CV GATE Control / Triggering
37 Keys with no

Arpeggiator no
Sequencer no
(ID 277)
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ABOUT Kawai / Teisco little Synthesizer with fast LFO
ABOUT Kawai / Teisco kleiner Synthesizer mit schnellem LFO
DETAILS lfo triggerable ENV. 50Hz LFO (!), VCO can be set to LO (LFO use)
DETAILS lfo triggerbare ENVs. 50Hz LFO (!), VCO kann auf LO gestellt werden (LFO)
SOUND bass and more, nice FX (fast LFO!)
SOUND bass und co.. FX durch schnelle LFOs
VERSION was made by Teisco and Kawai under both names as 100F (same company)
VERSION gab es von Teisco und Kawai unter gleichem Namen (gleiche Firma!).

KAWAI formerly Teisco

Quite innovative company that also sold under the Teisco label. looks like they do not try to sell synthesizers unfortunately?..

Schon unter dem Teisco-Namen eine nicht uninnovative Firma, leider bauen sie heute keine Synthesizer mehr.

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