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 KORG Electribe M, EM1 groovebox + TR sequencer

Korg Electribe M, EM1 synthesizer
electribe EM1
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Built 2001
Type: groovebox
Hybrid: no
10 Voice / Stimmen
10x Multitimbral
standard Memory / Speicher
Value / Wert in 2017 ca. 170 (-)
Synthesis: rompler

OSC Features samples 144+50 samples
Wave Shapes samples
8 OSCs
1 Filter lpf 4 Pole
0 LFOs -
1 Envelope Generators 1x D

MIDI CONTROLLER Control / Triggering
0 Keys with no

Arpeggiator no
Sequencer TR sequencer
(ID 411)
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ABOUT a little rompler the can be used a music/composing tool, with 64step sequencer plus FX. 50 synthesizer and 144 drum ROM Sounds, not re-released as mk2.

you can control 2 external synths (monophonic of course) and the drum parts also send midi but just one channel but different notes.
ABOUT Ein Musiknotitzbuch, könnte man am besten sagen. mit Step-Programmierung und Realtime mit FX. 50 synthesizer und 144 drum ROM Sounds. Als einzige nicht neu aufgelegt als mk2.

Mit der Tribe M kann man 2 Synthesizer steuern (monophon) und die Drum Pads schicken auf EINEM Midi Kanal auf verschiedenen Noten für Drumsynths.
DETAILS simple env, filter , FX,roll (flam) for repeating steps faster than the grid. 64 steps. groove synth und sequencer - extrem livetauglich!.. schwarz: there is an editor available for the small m: its basically a rompler with some non-user-replaceble samples but it is the quickest "music notebook/scratchbook" you can have for this price.. when I say quick i mean: you need minimum time for making a song ready to produce.. DIFFERENCE the first smaller tribes (EA and ER) do not provide velocity control ,you need to record the level with motion record!! there is no accent! and no rolls (thats the korg word for retriggering a sound within the 16step grid with double or more speed .. for snare rolls and dnb kind of stuff or autechre like hihat clounds.. uses NRPN controllers (can be controlled by midi). melodies: can only be made with the melody tracks on tribes a,m,mx,sx,a mk2.. if you want it to control midi gear you need them! if you do not need to control external synths you can just record the pitch on an ES1,r,r mk2 and play "melodies" with the drumparts!! no problem! but it will trigger the same midi note..!! the drum parts can also be used for this!! so you can also "play melodies" on any tribe but it will still send only ONE note pitch via midi because the pitch is stored and controlled via "motion control" .. you can reacord midi keyboard played notes or use the step keys as a keyboard or use the step mode..
DETAILS 64steps und einfache Hüllkurve, FX und "Roll" Funktion, mit der schnelle Wiederholungen möglich sind. sendet/empfängt controller (NRPN). Schnelles Arbeiten und viele Ideen für neue Tracks bringt die Electribe M mit ihren 144 Drum- und 50 Synthesizer PCM Wellenformen ,aslo ROMpler zum mitnehmen.. 8 Drum-, 2 Synthesizerparts , sehr intuitiv step,TR808 like oder realtime!! diese maschine ist also in der lage 2 melodieparts zu nutzen und/oder damit externe synthesizer anzusteuern! (so wie das bei der mx und der ea auch geht) 144 Drum-, 50 Synthesizer PCM Wellenformtypen 256 Pattern, 16 Songs Speicherkapazit‰t 11 Effekttypen (Reverb, Flanger/Chorus, Phaser, Ring Modulator, Pitch Shifter, Compressor, Distortion, Decimator, Resonator, Filter, Modulation Delay) Insert- sowie Mastereffekt Sektion editierbar sehr gute roll-funktion (breakbeats!!) Pattern-und Song-Sequenzer maximal 256 Pattern pro Song, 35.700 Events einfach und gut, 2 melodietracks (auch über midi) rest drumtracks.. effekte und delay (bpm syncbar) gut,um schnell mal einen song zu basteln..
SOUND very live-able groove tool.. also nice for composing on the road..
SOUND sehr livetaugliches groove-tool. Unterwegs komponieren + Ideen notieren.
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electribe m
there is an editor available for korg electribe m
electribe m
für die tibe m gibts einen editor
electribe m electribe m synthesizer LINK

KORG known or written as Keio formerly Univox, Donca Matic, Diamond, Keio Organ

Mr Tsutomu Katoh, founder of KEIO
aka KORG = Keio ORGans.

Analogue Trigger Korg: gate pulse in/out 5V negative 5V pos to GROUND
MS-20 and some others are: 'S-Trig' (Moog Type) - Kurzschlusstrigger = to GND = shorting connection.
v-trig also.

Official Intl. Site :
ueber Synthesizer Hersteller KORG

Korg wurde von Tsutomu Katoh aus Japan gegründet.

Offizielle Site (D)


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