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 KORG Microstation Digital Synthesizer + workstation sequencer

Korg Microstation synthesizer
Korg MicroStation
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Built 2010
Type: digital
Hybrid: no
120 Voice / Stimmen
16x Multitimbral
standard Memory / Speicher
Value / Wert in 2017 ca. 480 (not rare)
Synthesis: workstation

OSC Features rompler 49MB
Wave Shapes rom sample
4 OSCs
8 Filter lpf hpf bpf notch self reso 2 Pole
10 LFOs tri saw square random div multi
5 Envelope Generators 5xmultistage

MIDI Control / Triggering
61 Keys with velocity

Arpeggiator yes
Sequencer workstation sequencer
(ID 712)
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ABOUT much like the MicroStation but without Sequencer.

360 multisamples, 484 drum samples (including 24 stereo)
ABOUT Fast eine Workstation, sehr ähnlich der MicroStation nur ohne Sequencer und einer einfachen FX Sektion, gleiche Klangengine (Struktur)

360 multisamples, 484 drum samples (davon 24 stereo)
DETAILS like MicroStation but without the Sequencer but with large Keys

Has 2 LFOs per OSC (layer) plus 1 common LFO (below audio speed), when 2 OSCs in use there are 60 voices available but 2 filters. so it's OSC - filter - amp and 2 LFOs per voice/layer and 2 layers are possible. the missing EG is for pitch modulation.

no MIDI thru.
DETAILS wie Microstation aber ohne Sequencer und mit großen Tasten.

2 LFOs und "common LFO" pro Struktur, bei 2 OSCs halbe Stimmenzahl (60) aber auch 2 filter.

es gibt also pro layer/stimme (2 layer sind maximal) JEWEILS 2 LFOs, filter und amp - so ergeben sich 5 LFOs / Hülkurven (eine ist für Pitch Mod)

LFO ist unterhalb Audiogeschwindigkeit (keine FM)

MIDI thru fehlt
SOUND allrounder for standards of all kind
SOUND Standardsounds
VERSION MicroStation: 5 Octaves small Keys, but with Sequencer or PS60 without Sequencer but with large (standard) keys
VERSION MicroStation: 5 Oktaven kleine Tasten, aber mit Sequencer oder PS60 ohne Sequencer aber große Tasten

KORG known or written as Keio formerly Univox, Donca Matic, Diamond, Keio Organ

Mr Tsutomu Katoh, founder of KEIO
aka KORG = Keio ORGans.

Analogue Trigger Korg: gate pulse in/out 5V negative 5V pos to GROUND
MS-20 and some others are: 'S-Trig' (Moog Type) - Kurzschlusstrigger = to GND = shorting connection.
v-trig also.

Official Intl. Site :
ueber Synthesizer Hersteller KORG

Korg wurde von Tsutomu Katoh aus Japan gegründet.

Offizielle Site (D)


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