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 KORG Wavestation AD, Wavestation SR, Wavestation EX Digital Synthesizer

Korg Wavestation AD, Wavestation SR, Wavestation EX synthesizer
pic shows Wavestation EX Keyboard
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Built 1990
Type: digital
Hybrid: no
32 Voice / Stimmen
8x Multitimbral
standard Memory / Speicher
Value / Wert in 2017 ca. 350 (not rare)
Synthesis: wavesequence vector

OSC Features rompler vector wavesequence 2-4MB ROM
Wave Shapes rom samples
4 OSCs
1 Filter lpf 4 Pole
8 LFOs saw tri square random
9 Envelope Generators 4x 9parameter 4x 8parameter 1x4stage loop

MIDI Control / Triggering
61 Keys with velocity aftertouch

Arpeggiator no
Sequencer no
(ID 217)
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ABOUT the Wavestation introduced two synthesis ideas: vector synthesis like the Prophet VS (whose creator Dave smith helped to develop the Wavestaion, VS waves are all in the ROM), the other synthesis idea was to create sample sequences that can be crossfaded called wave sequencing.
ABOUT Die Wavestation setzt an, wo der Prophet VS aufhörte, denn Dave Smith (SCI und DSI) entwickelte mit an der Wavestation, die auch die VS Waves in sich hatte, es gab 4 OSCs, die per Joystick aufgezeichnet/überblendet/wiedergegeben werden können und dazu können ROM samples aneinandergereiht werden zu einer Wavesequence. natprlich bei 4 OSCs nurnoch 1/4tel der Stimmen. (also 8)
DETAILS 16track sequencer and 4MB ROM (M1 ex : 8MB ROM), some FX (2 units) and filters without resonance became studio standard the late 80ies.. 3 complex envelopes (pitch, filter, amp) for 2 layers (thats why it's 2x each env type), extra vector movement envelope. Korg Wavestation - 1-4 vector DCOs that can play samples includes all waves of the sequential prophet VS, with vector envelope you could record the volume amounts of those 4 Oscillators by an x-y axis joystick controlled field. the other big thing here is the WAVESEQUENCE , with wavesequences you can play midisynced lists of samples, that can be edited on the wavestation. its the same samples as those used for the vector synthesis. the filter had no resonance so you had to make a wave sequence that simply plays div. samples that make a "resonant" sound when played sample for sample through the "cue list".. there is a keyboard version, an expanded version called wavestation EX and a nice A/D version featuring a stereo input that can be used to feed the internal FX processor (vocoder inside!but AD only (2 unit 19" or KB)) ! 19" rack (1 unit high called SR) was also available. the samples are all at 32khz sample rate. only the trintiy, triton had higher sample rates.. often compared tosort of a sample based wavetable synthesizer (ppg wave and waldorf wave and microwave series) part of the newer Korg Legacy (analog) software collection and ms20-like controller the wavestation got some resurrection.. ;)
DETAILS 16spur sequencer und 4MB ROM (M1ex 8 MB) Sounds mit FX aber auch ein Filter ohne Resonanz machten den M1 zum Studiostandard für Jahre. die komplexen hüllkurven teilen sich auf ein doppel-layer auf, denn jede der sektionen hat je einen (pitch, filter, lautstärke), extra vectorbewegungshüllkurve.
SOUND movie tracks and ethno stuff, sample pads and atmos
SOUND filmmusik und ethnoartige sampleflächen, atmos
VERSION Rack version also with AD converters and vocoder FX called Wavestation AD (rack only) , Wavestation EX: more ROM (4MB), and SR (1HE rack)
VERSION Rack version auch mit AD wandlern und Vocoder: Wavestation AD (rack) und als Wavestation EX: mehr ROM (4MB) und als SR (1HE rack)
Wavestation SR
rack version, Wavestation SR
Wavestation SR Wavestation SR synthesizer

Wavestation SR
1HE Rackversion, Wavestation SR
Wavestation SR Wavestation SR synthesizer IMAGE

KORG known or written as Keio formerly Univox, Donca Matic, Diamond, Keio Organ

Mr Tsutomu Katoh, founder of KEIO
aka KORG = Keio ORGans.

Analogue Trigger Korg: gate pulse in/out 5V negative 5V pos to GROUND
MS-20 and some others are: 'S-Trig' (Moog Type) - Kurzschlusstrigger = to GND = shorting connection.
v-trig also.

Official Intl. Site :
ueber Synthesizer Hersteller KORG

Korg wurde von Tsutomu Katoh aus Japan gegründet.

Offizielle Site (D)


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