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 MACBETH XFactor Analog Synthesizer

Macbeth XFactor synthesizer
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Built 2007
Type: analog
Hybrid: no
1 Voice / Stimmen
1x Multitimbral
no Memory / Speicher
Value / Wert in 2017 ca. 2250 (rare)
Synthesis: subtractive

OSC Features fm filterFM
Wave Shapes saw pulse (fixed) tri noise white pink red
3 OSCs
1 Filter lpf self reso 4 Pole
1 LFOs tri saw pulse s+h
2 Envelope Generators 2x ADS/ASR

MIDI Control / Triggering
0 Keys with velocity

Arpeggiator no
Sequencer no
(ID 602)
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ABOUT Keyboard Version of the M3X (mk2)

looks a bit like a Minimoog, but it's concept goes beyond it, also the sound is different. Why comparing it? to me it comes more close to the EMS Synthi A, because the VCOs can mod each other! fine FM plus a good sounding filter.
ABOUT Keyboard-Version des M3X (mk2)

Der M3X ist äusserlich eine Art Minimoog, klingt aber anders und kann auch mehr, warum also vergleichen? Mich erinnert er oft mehr an den EMS Synthi A, da die VCOs sich gegenseitig modulieren können und das Filter auch irgendwie british klingt.. das ist was gutes!
DETAILS envelope has ONE D/R knob and a Release on/off switch that is set with the Decay knob. freely routable VCOs, even to the VCF! LFO is software generated and has pulse waves (different pulsewidth). - this quite look like minimoog? but it isn't a minimoog.. it has it's own sound.. you have direct access to the routing including mod destinations like FM of other OSCs to make nice FM-type sounds or filter FM is not a problem ;) cool freq. knobs (endless!) that allow some sort of EMS type VCO freq. tuning. "laboratory"-kind of quasi-"endless" dials! also soft LFOs are there, so you do NOT need to sacrifice your OSCs for mod purpose. (one lfo) ENVs: is standard but not as fast as the mini's.. anyway anough to make nice percussive sounds, but maybe this could be moded someday?.. very nice user interface, and THIS is maybe why the ppl compare it to a minimoog: it's layout and knobs are at the right position and extended at the right features.the LFOs are all controlled by the digital interface. that could have been knobbed,too (well,one LFO with push buttons, amount knob and destination knob are missing.. but: you do have something like this using the display.. but it takes a bit more time.. anyway this is a really cool machine. the highlight here is def'ly the FM and the OSC knobs!! in combination with the routing. filters: sound a bit between EMS and moog .. but it is still another type of filter.. did I say it's LPF? OSCs: 3 of them that can be turned by endlesss rotaries like the ems vcs3 (there are no "steps" to help you to find the octaves but has the advantage to adjust them nicely..) any OSC can mod the filter (!!) and you can FM/mod OSCs each of the others or 2 OSCs: eg: vco 3 can mod OSC 2 and osc 1 and 2. osc 2 can mod osc1 or osc 1 and 3!! osc1 can mod osc 2 or osc 2 and 3 waveforms: rectangular (different duty cyles on each OSC). tri / saw up and down, osc1 has red noise the OSCs are quite strong.. not as strong as the moogs but "phat" enough to say "wow" ;) why moog? well it's been said.. maybe because of the look of the m3x.. the mixer is very nice: one look and you know about it all. noise is there too.. (ext input: no problem) btw: you can do a lot with filter fm and the oscs, they are stable enough to do "DX7" sounds with inharmonic spectra etc.. this one is a very recommendable machine, there is 1 LFO that can be routed anywhere with 9 waveforms .. but this is the more critical thing: it's more like programming an old poly 800 or matrix6, you need to set them all using the menu unter the knobs.. the conclusion for me was: nice sound that is brought ("fat" = "phatt") enough to kick out an ems vc3 (yes ,the osc FM stuff reminded me of the ems!). the filter is not a moog maybe somewhat "british".. the truth is: it is another kind of filter sound that is a good alternative to the mentioned synths (ems and moog) it's more the concept that made me "compare" those..
DETAILS Die Hüllkurve hat einen Schalter für Release, der dann mit dem Decay-Regler eingestellt wird. Der LFO wird per Software generiert und hat sogar einige Pulsweiten für die Rechteck-Wellenform, VCOs können frei geroutet werden, auch als Filter FM.
SOUND Effects (based on FM) plus Leads and Basses
SOUND Effekte und komplexere Klänge, Leads und Bässe
VERSION m3x (mk2) rack
VERSION m3x (mk2) rack

MACBETH known or written as Macbeth Studio Systems

Ken Macbeth from Scotland / UK is a one man company who makes HiEnd analogue synthesisers.

Official Intl. Site :
ueber Synthesizer Hersteller MACBETH

Hochwertige Analogsynthesizer aus Schottland von Ken MacBeth.
(Vertrieb D: schneidersbuero)



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