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 MFB MFB522 Drummachine/Module + TR sequencer

MFB MFB522 synthesizer
MFB-522 drum machine
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Built 2009
Type: drum
Hybrid: no
8 Voice / Stimmen
8x Multitimbral
standard Memory / Speicher
Value / Wert in 2017 ca. 250 (not rare)
Synthesis: subtractive

OSC Features 8 analog drums
Wave Shapes 8 drums
8 OSCs
0 Filter
0 LFOs -
0 Envelope Generators -

MIDI Control / Triggering
0 Keys with velocity

Arpeggiator no
Sequencer TR sequencer
(ID 703)
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ABOUT A bit like the MFB502, but much more like th Tr808 - so it's bigger in sound and has trigger outs.

this is a real TR-LED-sequencing Drumcomputer! 8 analogue instruments, synchable to midi (slave) 4 ind. outs and one stereo (3.5mm plugs! like on a "walkman") 32steps max! (!!) you can have A or B or AB (B is called fill in here). can be played alternatively or chained to one big pattern. 72 RAM places to store your 32steps (or 2x16) and 8 songs. the sound: somewhere between TR606,CR78,KPR77 and Rhythtm King (very old drum machines),Minipops
ABOUT Sehr nah an der TR808, neuere Variante des 502, aber deutlich "fetter".
Kleiner 32step drumcomputer in Hand-Größe.. klingt sehr schön "alt" wie zB mit einigen Parametern zum einstellen, MIDI und triggerbar über MIDI und hat sogar Triggerausgänge..
DETAILS real chase light TR808-kind of programming with 32steps , can be triggered by midi, 1-2 parmeters can be changed via little pots.

Also has analog trigger outputs.
DETAILS echte lauflichtprogrammierung und instrumente triggerbar über midi.. 1-2 parameter sogar via kleiner Miniregler einstellbar und
Triggerausgänge (analog), alles mit 3.5mm Klinkenausgängen.
SOUND all electro styles
SOUND electro aller art

MFB known or written as Fricke or MFBerlin formerly Manfred Fricke

Manfred Fricke from Berlin has quite a longer history of innovative small drum-machines and today synths, modules and video tools.

Manfred Fricke gründete schon früh die Firma für Audio und Video in Berlin und baute Drumcomputer und Sequencer in recht kleinen Boxen, noch heute ist er für sehr kompakte Synthesizer bekannt und steig sogar in die Modularwelt ein.

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