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 NATIVEINSTRUMENTS Massive software + modulation step sequencer

  Native Instruments
Native Instruments Massive synthesizer
NI Massive 1.12
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Built 2006
Type: software
Hybrid: no
99 Voice / Stimmen
99x Multitimbral
large Memory / Speicher
Value / Wert in 2017 ca. 200 (not rare)
Synthesis: subtractve

OSC Features fm ring filterFM wavetable
Wave Shapes pulse wavetable saw sine noise
3 OSCs
2 Filter lpf hpf apf bpf notch comb waveshape 1-6 Pole
4 LFOs sine square triangle saw random special waveforms
4 Envelope Generators up to 4x DALDLSR with Morph Deformation

MIDI CONTROLLER Control / Triggering
0 Keys with velocity aftertouch

Arpeggiator yes advanced
Sequencer modulation step sequencer
(ID 0)
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ABOUT Massive uses 3 OSCs with 8 slots to be used as sequencers, lfos or envelopes, the oscs got
ABOUT Komplexes 3 OSC Synthesizersystem mit FM und Wavetables, dazu vergleichsweise frei zuweisbare Hüllkurven, LFOs und Sequencer. 4 davon können erstellt werden und dann beliebig modulieren, was sie wollen. Speziell am Massive ist sein massiver Klang, er bringt Software in seiner Zeit klanglich weiter vorran.
DETAILS wavetables and the noise knob can also be set to "human murmor" or some industrial background beside the standard "white noises". the specialty about massive is it's better massive sound, it's the one which tries to prove software is on the right way. 4 slots are dedicated to envs, the others to sequencers and lfos. steppers got glide switches etc.

so you could have 4 sequencers which have very cool special waveforms per step, also the envs and lfos got special preset deformations which help to make complex modulations. those step waves can also double (and more) the step time, so you can flam and roll your mod targets, cool!
DETAILS alle lfos und sequencer sowie hüllkurven haben spezielle preset wellenformen oder verformungen, um pro step oder in der sustainphase zusätzlich modulation zu haben, die stepper haben auch sehr kurze "stepwellenformen", sodass man damit auch rollende beats bauen kann. sehr klasse.
SOUND basses, ambient + complex sounds, rhythmic synth stuff and more because it offers step sequencers with glide triggers.
SOUND basses, ambient sounds, komplexes, rhythmen, modulierte flächen und mehr
VERSION Massive 1.X
VERSION Massive 1.X, 1.12 works with OS X Leopard

NATIVE INSTRUMENTS known or written as NI

Stephan Schmitt founded the company as a completely native modular synthesizer generator (later reaktor) and was "triggered" by his DX7 (which became the idea behind FM7 and FM8 later..)

Official Intl. Site :

Ja, bei NI ging es mit Generator los, dem modularen und damals erstmals realtime und nativ programmierten Synthesizer, heute heißt er Reaktor und getriggert wurde Stephan Schmitt (der Gründer) von seinem DX7, der natürlich auch eine feine Software wurde: FM7 (später FM8..)

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Native Instruments


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