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 NOVATION Nova , Nova 2 Digital Synthesizer

Novation Nova , Nova 2 synthesizer
novation nova thx midimaster
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Built 1999
Type: digital
Hybrid: no
16 Voice / Stimmen
6x Multitimbral
standard Memory / Speicher
Value / Wert in 2017 ca. 350 (-)
Synthesis: subtractive

OSC Features pwm sync soften fm 2x ring
Wave Shapes pulse saw tri double saw noise
3 OSCs
1 Filter lpf hpf notch self reso + overdrive 2-4 Pole
2 LFOs tri sine square saw random
3 Envelope Generators 1x ADSR 2xDADSR

MIDI CONTROLLER Control / Triggering
49 Keys with velocity aftertouch

Arpeggiator yes
Sequencer no
(ID 314)
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ABOUT smaller version of the Supernova, also as rack "laptop". Nova expandable -> more voices.. dual ringmod.
ABOUT kleine Version der Supernova, weniger Stimmen im wesentlichen.. Auch als Nova "Laptop" Desktop Gerät. Nova 2 erweiterbar (Stimmen), doppel ringmodulator.
DETAILS cool and easy to use routing system, nice FM features of 3 OSCs (OSC 1-2,2-3), also some shaping stuff in OSC section (hardness), it'S been said it uses sampled waves instead of generating it algorithmically.. is this true? not found out officially. anyway, it sound ok.. not too many hi harmonics, but ok.. fx: reverb, delay and lots more per sound! - Novation Supernova 1 & 2 , and the little nova (same features but less voices and a little slimmed down FM features) more to come here soon.. the specialty on the the supernovas were 3 speed LFOs (very nice!), a complete FX section PER VOICE or to be exact - per multi part.. it was the first one in this kind of feature, later versions added a vocoder. it is a quite large mod routing section, well.. the odd part is that it's oscs are no real "models" of analogue synths but samples.. to my ears it sounds not as rich as a comparable average analogue synth.. anyway it is lots of mod and dirt sources on board.. not bad! 8 DSP - quite a lot since other synths did not need such a large number on the other hand: others did not have sooo many FX!! later novation released an OS for much more voices.. the little nova had 12 voices and a bit reduced in modulation.. (FM algos), very cool LFO - 3 ranges fast, mid ,slow.. very good!!

Novation Nova uses 5 Motorola 56362 (synth engine), and 1 Motorola 56303 (fx unit)
DETAILS gutes routing system (übersichtlich) mit FM (OSC 1-2,2-3), arbeitet angeblich nicht mit erzeugten waves, sondern mit samples (kann aber nicht geprüft werden), dennoch flexibel und angenehm in der bedienung. fx: reverb, delay and lots more pro sound! - dual ringmod, 3 LFO bereich (sehr schnell und langsam, sehr gut!!)

Novation Nova nutzt 5 Motorola 56362 (synth engine), und 1 Motorola 56303 (fx unit)
SOUND all bread + butter, ambient sounds
SOUND allrounder, speziell ambient sounds sind gut zu machen..
VERSION rack + keyboard version, voice expansion is software update, 4 more voices, OS 4.1 in 2001
VERSION rack + keyboard version, option: Stimmenerweiterung (4 stimmen mehr durch softwareupdate, OS 4.1 seit 2001)
Nova Board
the nova board..
Nova Board Nova Board synthesizer

by: "The Alien"
Nova Board
Nova Board Nova Board synthesizer IMAGE


UK based company.They got Chris Huggett to make the Supernova and Ultranova Series, he's one of britains brains about building synthesisers.

Official Intl. Site :

Die englische Firma schaffte es, Chris Huggett zu gewinnen, um Supernova und Ultranova zu konstruieren. Einer der wohl bekanntesten Köpfe in Britanien.



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