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 OBERHEIM Four Voice , 4Voice Analog Synthesizer + analog step sequencer

Oberheim Four Voice , 4Voice synthesizer
Moogulator oberheim 4-voice
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Built 1975
Type: analog
Hybrid: no
4 Voice / Stimmen
4x Multitimbral
no Memory / Speicher
Value / Wert in 2017 ca. 3900 (rare)
Synthesis: subtractive

OSC Features pwm sync
Wave Shapes pulse saw noise
2 OSCs
1 Filter morph lpf hpf bpf notch reso 2 Pole
1 LFOs sine
2 Envelope Generators 2x ADS

CV GATE Control / Triggering
37 Keys with no

Arpeggiator no
Sequencer analog step sequencer
(ID 181)
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ABOUT Tom Oberheims first Synthesizer Module was thought as an expander for other Synthesizers, but he decided to make Synthesizers based on the SEM: 2-Voice / 4-Voice and 8-Voice. Very nice sound btw.
ABOUT Oberheims start in die Synthesizerwelt war das SEM (Synthesizer Expander Modul) und damit auch einer der ersten Expander, gedacht für den Minimoog. Er hat einen sehr schönen Klang und Tom Oberheim entschied sich dann für die mehrstimmigen Synthesizer 2-Voice / 4-Voice und 8-Voice aus entsprechend vielen SEM Modulen.
DETAILS the filter allows "morphing" from LPF to Notch to HPF, alternatively it can be switched over to BPF mode. allows V/Oct and V/Hz control. very nice Sequencer that also generates S+H + Noise, there are also Versions with Programmer instead of the sequencer. the programmer can memorize some of the SEM parameters. any SEM can be used with different parameter settings, since the voice rotation will play it sequentially, this will bring some new sounds and way(s) of playing it..
DETAILS erlaubt morphing von LPF über notch bis HPF und ist alternaitv umschaltbar auf BPF, kann mit V/Oct oder V/Hz gesteuert werden. Sehr schöner kleiner Sequencer, der auch Sample and Hold liefert. es gibt auch Varianten mit Programmer statt Sequencer. Der Programmer kann einen Teil der SEM-Parameter speichern. jedes SEM kann unabhängig genutzt werden, idR auch in 2er-Gruppen. oder auch unterschiedliche Klangeinstellungen haben (!) durch Stimmrotation ergeben sich dann neue Möglichkeiten..
SOUND wide and big pads and sweeps with soft character, one of the best you can get.
SOUND flächiges und tolle sweeps, weiche Klänge kann er so breit und voll wie kein anderer..
VERSION multivoice synthesizers made of SEMs.. also with sequencer and/or programmer.. of course single SEMs also..
VERSION es gab mehrstimmige Synthesizer aus SEMs.. auch mit sequencer und/oder programmer.. und einzelne SEMs

Oberheim Four-Voice 4Voice synthesizer

Oberheim Four-Voice
Oberheim Four-Voice 4Voice synthesizer IMAGE

OBERHEIM or Gibson, Oberheim-Viscount Joint Venture, Viscount

today owned by Gibson and lendet to Viscount. Tom Oberheim started it (of course he left when Gibson took over). He built Synth Modules (SEM) to be played via other synthesizers and ppl wanted him to built synths: he did. he took SEMs and made polyphonic synths out of them. the latest synth was the Xpander and Matrix12, the OB-Mx wasn't a real Tom Oberheim anymore, so they got Don Buchla finishing it (it did not sell well), so the OB12 as only the name in common with the founder. Mr Oberheim tried again under the Marion System name.

The "real" Tom Oberheim is now producing under his full name guess his site -

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