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 OBERHEIM OB8 Analog Synthesizer

Oberheim OB8 synthesizer
thx to Peter M Mahr for pic (twicethemovie)
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Built 1983
Type: analog
Hybrid: no
8 Voice / Stimmen
2x Multitimbral
standard Memory / Speicher
Value / Wert in 2017 ca. 1100 (rare)
Synthesis: subtractive

OSC Features pwm sync
Wave Shapes pulse saw triangle noise
2 OSCs
1 Filter lpf reso 2-4 Pole
1 LFOs sine square triangle s+h
2 Envelope Generators 2x ADSR

CV GATE Control / Triggering
61 Keys with no

Arpeggiator no
Sequencer no
(ID 186)
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ABOUT quite same features as OBXa.. but a bit more and midi.. structure: switchable 2 or 4 pole LPF (low pass filter), 8 voices (instead of modular voices expandable like the obxa) with 2 VCOs (saw,pulse,tri), syncable, arpeggiator and lfo. splitable, 120 patch memories. (de)tune each voice and let them sound unison! standard version has NO midi, later version have like the model shown here. It was made from 1983 to 1985, maybe the DX7 was a big opponent (remember: the ppl wanted "realistic" e pianos , haha) but this is the "jump" synth.. or better: the ob xa is the jump synth, this one is,too ;) but it CAN sound gooood!! this one got famous for it's pads, "brasses" etc.. oberheim did one of the best sounding and warm curtis based synth. like the xpander it has a very warm sound and very easy to use,
ABOUT Der Nachfolger des OBXa, noch etwas verändert und ein Klassiker. Der erste Midi-Oberheim.
DETAILS allows MIDI control. unison mode! and split mode. 2 and 4 pole modes. split and dual mode. d2 VCOs and ARP'er and detunable voices (faaaat!) midi .. the coolest kit had 9 channels (retrofittable) timeline 1974 - 1986: SEM/2,4,8voice -> OB I -> obx -> obxa -> ob8 -> matrix and xpander line the ob8 added some features on "page 2" (double "click" the chord memory button) like LFO key sync for phase control / retrigger modes, LFO quantize and more - the OB8 has at leasst 3 LFOs, 2 because you have 1 LFO per layer and another one "non programmable" on the mod / wheel section (called lever @ oberheim). the ob8 is the most powerful one in the OB series (obx,oba,ob8) but also has no xmod like the obx. Hardware: (obxa/ob8) 2 CEM3360 Dual VCA 16 CEM3340 VCO 16 CEM3310 EG 16 CEM3320 VCF
DETAILS Midi steuerung., 2 und 4 pol mode. OBXa Problemzone: Nach Bestücken und Verlöten der Bauteile auf den Platinen wurden sie in ein chemisches Reiningungsbad gesteckt, gegen dreck. wirkung: nach einiger Zeit wurden Trimmpoti-Oberflächen angegriffen und die Widerstandswerte schwankten daher. ICs wurden per Sockelsteckverbindung befestigt, wg. besserer Servicefreundlichkeit. auch die Kontakte in den aufgelöteten Steckverbindungen bekamen Kontaktschwierigkeiten. was tun? Alle Trimmpotis und IC-Sockel raus, neue Potis und die ICs reinlöten. Hardware: (obxa/ob8) 2 CEM3360 Dual VCA 16 CEM3340 VCO 16 CEM3310 EG 16 CEM3320 VCF
SOUND wide and big pads and sweeps with soft character, one of the best you can get. leads and basses also very fat.
SOUND flächiges und tolle sweeps, fette Leads und Bässe.

OBERHEIM or Gibson, Oberheim-Viscount Joint Venture, Viscount

today owned by Gibson and lendet to Viscount. Tom Oberheim started it (of course he left when Gibson took over). He built Synth Modules (SEM) to be played via other synthesizers and ppl wanted him to built synths: he did. he took SEMs and made polyphonic synths out of them. the latest synth was the Xpander and Matrix12, the OB-Mx wasn't a real Tom Oberheim anymore, so they got Don Buchla finishing it (it did not sell well), so the OB12 as only the name in common with the founder. Mr Oberheim tried again under the Marion System name.

The "real" Tom Oberheim is now producing under his full name guess his site -

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