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 OBERHEIM Prommer Sampler + real time sequencer

Oberheim Prommer synthesizer
oberheim prommer (pic thx fairlight)
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Built 1984
Type: drum
Hybrid: no
6 Voice / Stimmen
6x Multitimbral
standard Memory / Speicher
Value / Wert in 2017 ca. 260 (rare)
Synthesis: sampler

OSC Features samples 8Bit ring
Wave Shapes samples
6 OSCs
0 Filter
0 LFOs
1 Envelope Generators D

MIDI Control / Triggering
0 Keys with no

Arpeggiator no
Sequencer real time sequencer
(ID 467)
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ABOUT rom based drum machine that was made to sound "real", it's samples can be made by the "prommer" , very 80ies: the internal rom set.. sounds are changed by EPROM. part of the DX system by Oberheim (like Obxa..)
ABOUT eine 8bit Maschine, per EPROM-Wechsel können eigene Sounds gebrannt und gefüllt werden, gedacht er für das DX/DMX System, aber alle 8bit Drummachines können damit "befüllt" werden.
DETAILS able to burn EPROMS for almost ALL 8bit based Drummachines like LinnDrum, SCI Drumtraks, Oberheim DMX/DX, Hammond Sakata and Simmons etc.. + analog trigger - allows ringmod, digital operations incl sort of "resampling", reverse mode, start point mod
DETAILS kann EPROMS brennen für nahezu ALLE 8bit basierten Drummachines LinnDrum, SCI Drumtraks, Oberheim DMX/DX, Hammond Sakata und Simmons etc.. + analog trigger - kann auch ringmod und digitale verwursten. resample-fähig. spielt auch rückwärts ab. startpunkt steuerbar.
SOUND burning eproms, can also play and record sounds.. but it's more made for burning..
SOUND eproms brennen, kann auch sounds abspielen, aber ist eher nebenbei dafür gedacht..

OBERHEIM or Gibson, Oberheim-Viscount Joint Venture, Viscount

today owned by Gibson and lendet to Viscount. Tom Oberheim started it (of course he left when Gibson took over). He built Synth Modules (SEM) to be played via other synthesizers and ppl wanted him to built synths: he did. he took SEMs and made polyphonic synths out of them. the latest synth was the Xpander and Matrix12, the OB-Mx wasn't a real Tom Oberheim anymore, so they got Don Buchla finishing it (it did not sell well), so the OB12 as only the name in common with the founder. Mr Oberheim tried again under the Marion System name.

The "real" Tom Oberheim is now producing under his full name guess his site -

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