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 SEQUENTIALCIRCUITS Drumtraks Drummachine/Module + real time sequencer

  Sequential Circuits
Sequential Circuits Drumtraks synthesizer
drumtraks (not drumtracks) thx to fairlight/viewermail
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Built 1982
Type: drum
Hybrid: no
12 Voice / Stimmen
12x Multitimbral
standard Memory / Speicher
Value / Wert in 2017 ca. 170 (-)
Synthesis: rompler

OSC Features samples 8Bit
Wave Shapes samples
12 OSCs
0 Filter
0 LFOs
0 Envelope Generators -

SIMPLE MIDI Control / Triggering
0 Keys with no

Arpeggiator no
Sequencer real time sequencer
(ID 421)
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ABOUT rom based drum machine that was made to sound "real", it's samples can be made by the Oberheim prommer , very 80ies: the internal rom set.. sounds are changed by EPROM.
ABOUT eine 8bit Maschine, die mit dem Oberheim Prommer mit anderen Samples per EPROM-Wechsel gefüllt werden, klanglich "naturalistisch", wie man es in den 80ern gern hatte..
DETAILS up to 13 sound in EPROM.. click trigger in/out , midi
DETAILS bis zu 13 sounds im ROM, besser: Eprom.. , click trigger in/out, midi
SOUND beats. 80ies style
SOUND beats, 80er style..

SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS known or written as SCI or Dave Smith
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Dave Smith was founder of SCI, he runs Dave Smith Instruments today and continued what he started in the late 70ies building the first synth based on SSM chips (later Curtis) and it was polyphonic. Yamaha aquired the rights for SCI and Prophet later, so Dave won't name his synths prophet in the future..

Dave Smith war der Gründer und Macher hinter SCI, heute arbeitet er weiter unter dem Namen Dave Smith Instruments und führt fort, was er mit SCI begann. SCI startete ende der 70 mit dem Prophet 5. Basis der Idee war einen polyphonen Synthesizer auf Basis der damals neuen SSM (und später Wechsel zu Curtis) Chips zu bauen. Die Namen SCI und Prophet gehören heute Yamaha.

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