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  Studio Electronics
Studio Electronics ATCXi synthesizer
like the ATC-X
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Built 2008
Type: analog
Hybrid: no
1 Voice / Stimmen
1x Multitimbral
large Memory / Speicher
Value / Wert in 2017 ca. 999 (rare)
Synthesis: subtractive

OSC Features sync xmod ring
Wave Shapes pulse saw tri noise
2 OSCs
1 Filter lpf hpf bpf notch self reso 2-4 Pole
2 LFOs tri saw square noise random s+h
3 Envelope Generators 2x ADSR 1xADS/ADR

MIDI CONTROLLER Control / Triggering
0 Keys with velocity aftertouch

Arpeggiator no
Sequencer no
(ID 771)
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ABOUT the ATC-Xi is just the same as the ATC-X but has a switchable different VCA behaviour (like a Minimoog)

in times of the analogue boom, the former rack-ifier of the Mini-Midi (Minimoog), Prophet5 and OB8 made their own synth that had 4 filter modules or even all 4 in one package on the ATC and ATC-X modules called "tone cameleon" ..
ABOUT Variante des ATX-X mit (schaltbarer) spezieller VCA-Schaltung, die anders reagiert, sonst identisch mit dem ATC-X.
Sie soll dem Minimoog-Verhalten näher rücken.

In der Zeit des Analogbooms überlegte sich der ehemalige "Rack-Macher" für Prophet5,Minimoog (Mini-Midi) und OB8 ein eigenes System zu bauen, es gibt beim ATC1 vier verschiedene Filtermodule, es können sogar alle gleich geordert werden. "tone cameleon" ist der Untertitel des ATC
DETAILS filter: tb303, arp2600, moog (mini), Oberheim SEM, internal filters can be all four or exchanged and bought separately. not soo fast envs compared to a minimoog.

the SEM filter has a multimode option with bpf and hpf in 12dB/octave. like the originals the other ones do not offer other types than lowpass.
DETAILS filter: tb303, arp2600, moog (mini), Oberheim SEM , man kann die Filtermodule tauschen oder intern umschaltbar einbauen. nicht so schnelle envs wie der minimoog.

Die Multimodefilter werden über die SEM Filter hergestellt, sind also 12dB/Okt. - nur die SEM Filter haben andere als Tiefpassmodi.
SOUND basses, leads.. also FX
SOUND bässe, leads.. auch FX
VERSION atc1 + atc-x - without the Minimoog VCA-switch
VERSION atc1 + atc-x - ohne den VCA-Schalter

STUDIO ELECTRONICS known or written as SE or Analogia Inc.

US based company formerly racked Minimoogs and Prophet 5's and also the Obie Rack (OB8 rackified), later they did it all on their own instruments which are close to the mentioned synths with filter modules that can be installed (up to 4).

Official Intl. Site :

Zunächst Modifizerer von Prophet 5, Oberheim OB8 und Minimoog als Rackversionen, später Eigenproduktion von hochwertigen Analogsynthesizern.

Studio Electronics


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