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Auralesque (Semi?) Modular System made by Smoo / Olivier Gerber

shown on Happy Knobbing Modular Meeting 2006, Germany

Auralesque Synthesizer

  • There are 2-3 Oscillators including Wave Modifiers (let's check the big picture to see it..)
  • A Vector Section
  • Super Saw kind of Modifier
  • Four Filter Sections: incl. Comb
  • 3 Envelopes (one CV controlled)
  • 3 LFOs (one of them is a very fast one)
  • 1 Delay
  • All analogue System. One OSC seems to generate Wavetable-kind of stuff.
  • Freq.Divider (think of this one as a simulation of SubOscs etc.)
  • and Wave Animation Module.


Upper row from LEFT to right: btw: this synth is nothing you can buy for sale, it's unique owned by smoo..

  • Portamento: Curetronic "Tool"
  • VCO 1 and 2: Oakley
  • Frequency Divider: Blacet
  • Wave Multipliers: CGS Ken Stone
  • Vector Sources: myself Smile. Just 4 Switches
  • Vector VCA's with Mixer: Marc Bareilles 4VCA in linear mode SSM 2164
  • "Steiner Parker": Papareil Synth Labs and Curetronic
  • "Classic Kaskadenfilter 24dB/Oct.": Curetronic "vcf-cv-reso"
  • VCA 1: Curetronic
  • LFO/HFO 1: Curetronic (its the "3rd" VCO, but mainly used as a LFO)
  • LFO2 and LFO2: Curetronic Dual Shape LFO
  • EG 1 and EG 2: Curetronic, I added swichable Capacitors.
  • EG 3: VC-ADSR from Oakley

Lower row from LEFT to right:

  • Real Ring Modulator: CGS Ken Stone (no Pots, its behind the Jacks)
  • Mini Wave: Blacet/Wiard
  • Saw Animators: Cyndustries (dual module)
  • Noise and Random: Doepfer A-100 (!)
  • All Vector-Modules: JAG from Wiard, Joystick from Wiard and 2 Mixer-Processors from Blacet (X and Y)
  • Pre Mix: Mixer Module from Curetronic
  • Polivoks: Papareil Synth Labs! I love it.
  • Comb Filter: Analogue Systems (I also used a DC-Mixer from CGS here)
  • Post Mix: Mixer Module from Curetronic
  • VCA 2: Curetronic
  • Attenuator: Just a 100K lin Pot
  • Slew Limiter: Curetronic "Tool" Module
  • Gate Delay: Curetronic "Tool" Module
  • Out Mix: At the moment just a Pot and two Resistors, will change into a real Panner
  • Then, there are 3 Multiples and behind the right Jacks is a Midi-Module from Papareil Synth Labs, a Dual Sample and Hold-Module anddual Inverters from *Curetronic and one DC-Mixer behind the Jacks "DC-Mixer".

Everything works great so far. I will change the Polivoks Filters IC's from LM4250 to UA776 when I get this IC. I have absolutely NO crosstalk! I used more than 200 meters of wiring behind the faceplate to connect everything to the Jacks AND to the 15 big 12-Step-Modulation switches.



Auralesque Detail Auralesque Synthesizer

Very large Picture / HiRes:

Auralesque 2

  • New Project is in the making, bigger and better - es wird noch mehr geben. Mehr dazu hier FORUM THREAD