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Some early monophonic Synthesizers (ARP Odyssey, Roland SH7, etc.) had a pseudo 2-note-polyphony technology aboard which allows to play 2 notes on the keyboard and each oscillator was assigned to one of two oscillators. with sync and polyphonic playing with ringmodulation it also gave the player a new form of expression like "Rez" by Underworld.

Duophonie ist eigentlich keine echte Zweistimmigkeit (Duo = 2), jedoch verwendeten einige Hersteller monophoner Instrumente diese Option, um jeweils einer von zwei gleichzeitig gespielten Tasten auf dem Keyboard den beiden Oszillatoren zuzuordnen. Das Filter wurde stets von beiden Oszillatoren normal genutzt, weshalb das "pseudo" schon berechtigt ist und natürlich auch nur ein VCA für beide "Stimmen". Recht bekannt ist der Track "Rez" von Underworld, wo mit Sync und Ringmodulation eines ARP Odyssey ein Leadsound gezaubert wird, der via Duophonie gespielt wird und damit die Obertonstruktur verändert.


well ,there are some "pseudo" poly synths "duophonic". You could play 2 notes , the synth plays one not on VCO1, the other one on VCO2 and it goes through its filter (one! filter), like:

all analogue

  • ARP Odyssey
  • Roland SH7
  • Yamaha CS40m
  • Korg Poly800 is 4-8 voice polyphonic but has only ONE filter for all voices!!
  • Korg Mono/Poly - sort of .. , has 4VCOs but one filter to be used as 4 "voices".. and the
  • Korg 800DV is def'ly duophonic!

NEW Duophonics

  • Moog Sub37
  • Korg ARP Odyssey Clone to be released in Late 2014 as announced
  • Korg Volca Keys - very cheap but multiple oscs that can even have more than 2 paraphonic voices but surely duophonic

and there is one Category, the "allrounders". it's a special kind of mixture synth with some synths in one box system.. those synthesizer had poly sections, strings , bass or something like this. like


of course I left out other hybrid synthesizers like the analogue filtered DW8000 by Korg etc..