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Kodoish is a longtime projekt of Tomas Kanerva.

Started out as a record label back in 1995, with its first

release out in mars 1996, It was a 10" and there was 4 tracks cutted.,artist was "the kontrol voltage" A band i had with Kim Petersen. We did long gigs allkind of raves and was known for superlong sets that run for 3-5 hours.

Equipment used was:

(Rolands)tr707, tr505, tr606, tr808, tb303, sh101, juno60, promars compuphonic, system100,(Korg) poly6, 800DV(maxikorg), EMS aks, emu drumulator, sp12 turbo, Crumar DSS-1, Yamaha cs15, PPG 2.2,

Well there was more stuff but i cant remember all., eventually we made an album 1998 on pitch rec, besides 2 singles on kodoish(rec) Kim later went to move to london and became a photomodel while also studying graphix art. He is now working in an own company in Stockholm.

I later in 90s became more interrested in synthesis and sounddesign aswell as the history of electro-acoustic. It led me to start taking studiocources in 96/97, while i had my own studio in stockholm. To double the work in a "kitchensynced" studio and also having acces to a classical electronic studio was important to my music, but also devastating, as i could see how i turned away from where i came from, and started to like noices and EAM-music.

Well This was at the time very suitable, as i did a record on edel-pitch

"hug n balloons" wich came out early 2000, as a follower on the kodoish3 it had a impact on the emerging swedish/scandinavia electronic scene.

The same year I was visiting a friends rehearsal-space to collect some records, when we passed one of the rooms in the hallway, i heard an interresting hybrid of sounds comming out. I asked the guy., what is that, sounds verykool!

He said he knew the guy behind the band, and he knocked the door..The rest is 

history, i joined the band(Audionom) and played with them excesively for almost 2 years. again it led into devastating.,followed by struggeling to survive. Yet audionoms stardom was not discovered until some years ago(and still rising, funny enuff).

The band split up, later and i was not doing music anymore.

2002 dead broke, lost love, lost everything and ageing(31 that year)., was not to happy, but happy to be alive, litterly.. After that dark period, I started to work as an sound-engineer,and for a DJ-shop,

being in the shop allday, reminded me to much about techno and

my originally roots and love for heavybeats and sharp synthriffs. So having my knowledge of synth's and wich are kool for me and the sounds i wanted to have, i started to get some gear. At that time it was alot of good analogue gear floating around, felt like alot of ppl was out just shopping for MOTU's.

I knew that i wanted instant techno vibes, so i got me a setup wish grew as i started to play and organize my life. It took some time to get the pieces together ,.in some way i was struck(and still are) in the working methods of 1995 garagetechno style. However i did some live shows for youngsters, that never have heard real 303s and analogkick drums. Now i feel that vibrant livetechno I S the future, or atleast has it place alongside more "superproduced" techno from DAWs

Here's my current kit list, basically its all, almost.. There's some more toys/keyboards/atari's, vic20s/gameboys., that i dont really use for music ,.just for inspiration and recreation, maybe i have a wish to get more into bending, or dig into ancient software/hardware. I guess making music is the most important, not even synthprogramming can beat a good jamming/livesession, with drummachines, synth's n fx.


mpc3000, tr-909, ESX-1, hr16-b

synthezisers n keys

tb-303, firstman sq-01, esq-1 seiko ds-202 w synth310, seq320, CasioRapMan Siel dk-80, Casio cz-230s, Casio DM-100, Casio HT3000 Korg dss-1, Korg 800-dv, Yamaha pc-200 Elka capri jr(organ oriental scale), Casio1000p, Roland PRO-E

FX & various tools

dynachord superecho 64", mutron III SL-1200 mkII, B&O mic MO8, SPL vitalizer, akai mg1214(mixer/recorder studio rese a r c h (mixer), tc-1210(chorus/flanger) ibanez ad-9, vestax digitaldelaygear(ddg-1), Trio usb a4-14 monitor, event 20/20 monitor, DB PA-system, pb 12" 1.33

I currently play together with peter backebo as charambaboys


also http://www.myspace.com/kodoish olderstuff http://www.myspace.com/acidkodoish