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Highlights NAMM

NAMM 17-20.1.2008

Ok, a short list of new stuff at NAMM:

NAMM 2008

Roland Fantom Series Renewed. (no pic). No new Korgs exept a new colour.

Radikal Technologies - Hybrid Elements - Smaller Version of the Spectralis but completely new tech in it.

Moog Voyager Old School - MIDI/Touchpadless Version of the Voyager, cheaper

Akai MPC5000, -next generation of big Grooveboxes MPC4000 reloaded..? + MPD32 Controllor with dyn. Pads and XR20 “HipHop” MPC AkaiXR20

Linn Drum II Prototype

DSI Rack Version with Knobs of the Prophet 08

Access Virus Snow top - small blofeld kind of Version of the TI (Desktop)

all pics from fdisc

earlier NAMMs

NAMM 2007