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Summer Namm 27-29.July 2007

whats new in Austin, Texas? post it here.. opening soon. Summer NAMM is not open to the public.

Winter NAMM Show - New Gear & G.A.S. attacks? + GEAR released / shown around NAMM time (18th Jan 07)




Dave Smith + Roger Linn

Drummachine Boomchick with Analog 4 Voice Section


-Roland VSynth GT (new Vsynth Keyboard)

New Features are:

- Roland MV8800

New Groovebox / Sequencer Replacement for ppl who want to do it all without a computer

  • successor of MV8000


Moog Freq Box

  • FM-Tool Moogerfooger


korg news[tt_news]=869&tx_ttnews[backPid]=556&cHash=5245151f38

- Korg M3 Workstation - Oasys like, white, panel upright like radias

  • most features of oasys are in here: sampling, al1, legacy?, wavesequence?
  • also as a rack
  • 16 track sequencer
  • 48khz sampling, 256 MB, 16bit up to 320MB sample ram.
  • KARMA and drum track/truck function
  • Radias Sound Module optional (!) EXB-Radias..
  • Touch Screen
  • Kaoss Pad Function is in, too
  • Wavesequencing?
  • full TI via VST Plugin, Firefire and USB conncetions.
  • ->

- Korg r3 (Microkorg successor) ->

  • like Radias (sound engine) with same features incl vocoder audio sample function + 3 ENVs etc.
  • sequencer/ Arper.. as microkorg (8 step arper)
  • 8 voices
  • 2 layers (radias has 4)
  • 16 step modulation sequencer
  • 37 notes (full size keys, velocity sensitive)

- Kaoss Pad Mini

  • Mini Version of Kaoss Pad (Fx only, no Midi)
  • battery driven

Studio Electronics -Code

  • Multifilter analogue Synth based on the Omega8 [1] with new Filter structure (access!)
  • new set of knobs for editing all filters


  • New TI os allows formant and grain tables based on wavetables (no samples, of course), more wavetables.

amazing feature update..

Arturia Origin

  • Sharc based DSP Synth with all VA Synth in it that you know of (Moog Modular, CS80, Prophet V and the new Jupiter 8 emulation..)
  • Knob interface / big display


Dual Manual Organ.. so no synths..


- Stromberg Synth -

  • quite Q structure but with analog filters (attached to the rear: per voice / valves .. ) but it reads all formats of all previous Waldorf products + has Wavetables (lots) plus Physical Modeling (!)

and watch this for info: I hope this guy doesn't mean the comb filters with impulse trigger is meant to be "physcial modeling" and the wavetables with 2-4 ADSRs replaces the XT with its 8 level-rate envelopes.. but we'll see, he said COMPATIBLE / can read the sounds of it.. so.. - Blofeld (same in mini desktop, no midi out here ca $500, don't know if it's exactly the same)


  • Q will get new filter models!
  • Hardware and basic software from Stromberg and Blofeld is different

Interview Stefan Stenzel:

  • Q series continued as phoenix (changed colour)
  • E-Piano named Zarenbourg (big case, looks very 70s)
  • Q will get new filter models! / Q bekommt mehr Filtermodelle
  • Hardware and basic software from Stromberg and Blofeld is different /Der Blofeld ist defnitiv andere Hardware/Software
  • Zarenbourg ist (fast) vollpolyphon - wurlitzer, rhodes (und CP70 in Planung), für den Möbelmarkt *g*
  • Zarenbourg heißt er übrigens, weil das Axel Hartmann "so" einfiel, Q Serie ist limitiert. und definitiv kann der Stromberg auch Microwave abspielen (!!) yepp!! Gut! Stimmen erweitert max 100 (dyn) Stimmen.

KOMMT: 3 Quartal 07, Zarenbourg Mai (ende), Blofeld: Musikmesse


  1. Arturia Jupiter 8 Emulation (to run on Origin also)
  2. Korg Legacy: Monopoly Emulation added.
  3. Native Instruments Massive 1.1: VA Oscillator Mode with PWM and Sync and new presets added.
  4. Reason 4 + New Synth "Thor" which is semimodular with modulation matrix 16 step sequencer, 3 OSCs with Wavetables, very Waldorf.


  1. Plan B - new modules
  2. Doepfer - new modules


  1. Tascam new mini transport controller (shuttle)
  2. Alesis 2 new controllers for mixing
  3. Korgs new Mixers also work as Midi Controllers Zero4 + Zero8

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