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Pseudo Polyphonic, often means there are a number of Oscillators but only one Filter for all, mostly same with Envelopes, so accords will sound ok, but arpeggios with fast snapping envelopes will be a problem, but of course there is also a positive thing: since you can use this reduction musically..

  • anyway, one best known paraphonic synth is the Korg Poly800, 4 / 8 voices but only one Filter for all Voices. Some Organs and String Synths may also be paraphonic. so they need something like retrigger mode for the envelopes which is still ONE envelope for the filter that will be restarted or not when playing another note or any kind of legato (keys held) - on the Poly800 it's just another note always retriggers the filter envelope. So if you play it likewise you can have the impression of a poly synth. this technique is used on hybrid or analog synths where analog filters are rare or hard to put as many into the synth as needed for real polyphony.

more paraphonic synths are:

There is a Paraphonic Series by Roland.. other Word: Metaphonic..

  • Duophonic synths are just like paraphonic ones, but they "only" got 2 OSCs for that like the ARP Odyssey or the Moog Sub37