Updating Electribe S

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HOW TO UPDATE THE Korg Electribe ES1

0) Insert a Smartmedia into the CardR/W.

1) Copy the file "x829s._s" into the root directory on computer.

2) Insert the Smartmedia into the ES-1.

3)power it ON while pressing [Sample] + [Grobal]. Here the display indicates "IPL" and then the indication changes from "000" to "048". When it comes to "048", it once disappears. Second, while the "Write" LED is lighting, the indication in the display changes from "000" to "048". When "End" is indicated, the update is completed. How to confirm this update: Power ON while pressing [REC] and [STOP]. Initially, the version is indicated like 1.04. Then, all the LEDs light up. After that, you can turn the power OFF. NOTE:

1) While the "Write" LED is lighting, you must NOT turn the power OFF.

2) If the update does not start as the "Step" LED doet not light up, it is considered that the Smartmedia is not inserted properly. In this case, please insert it again.

3) When "E04" or "E08" is indicated instead of "End", it is possible to consider that the ES-1 is diffective. In this case please contact KORG Inc.