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in 2000 Paul Maddox (UK) created Modulus Electronics which was little synth company which produced a small 25 unit run of the Monowave synthesiser.

He did the very promising and now open source, Monowave II for the DSP based Chameleon platform. He also made a polyphonic version of the Monowave for this platform called Phoenix. Both of his DSP based projects included a unique filter slope parameter to mix the output after the first pole and the fourth pole. Thus giving a 2 pole (=12 dB/octave) bandpass. very much like the Oberheim filters. But with the character of the Moog ladder filter. But due to the break-down of the Chameleon hardware builder in Spain, he stopped work on this.

For a few years Paul quit all activities on synth building and playing. He started to play electric bass in a band.

In 2009 Paul started to build electronic music projects again, the first of these was GorF a simple 8 step sequencer under the brand name of VacoLoco. Since then he has produced several other projects, including Tron a small drum pattern programmer and Zira a small monosynth based on the Korg NJM2069AD VCF/VCA chip.

He also made music under several names like:

Paul Anthony

Mr Zorg


He now plays keyboards for a goth/alternative rock band called Her Dark Embrace ( & you can hear extracts of his own music here -

Paul also runs a huge synth web project which allows synth users to upload music, videos, files and blogs for free.

He is very much into Wavetable Synths like PPG, Waldorf and this was the inspiration for the Monowave