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Bahn Sage

this has never been but Ken Elhardt put some fake ads up and with this more specs. As well as the "SMS2000 Synthesizer" he created this nice synthesizer, even audio demos were created with standard gear later on and the "ads" look somewhat "real". He's also responsible for the wonderful "Seekers SMS Synthesizers"

that where renderings that are "pixelmatorated" onto a Stand, in a show and elsewhere. Keep it up Ken! And here's the Sage..

Sagead1.jpg Sagead2.jpg


BTW: the whole Sage project is/was just a test.. the creator is: Elhardt

I really love(d) the way he introduced this Synth.. there have been sound demos (of course not real, too) and it looks.. WHAAAA.. after all he said there wasn't interest!!! well I believe: he didn't really checked it.. atm it is only a file in a Mac.. and I do not think this would have worked.. but I would buy one if it does... the URL disappeared 2005...

Bahn Sage Synthesizer specs were: Resynthese, Granularsynthese, 4 OSCs, LFOs, Formant filter, etc.. ;)

Bahn Sage Synthesizer

- "specs" - the panel view:


Resynthese, Granularsynthese, 4 OSCs, LFOs, Formant filter, etc..

..nur Andy der Borg weis vielleicht mehr?