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This Site works the same way as Wikipedia, Synthesizerforum and sequencer.de - same rules as there.

Help on page editing


Diese Site funktioniert genau so wie Wikipedia und natürlich Synthesizerforum and sequencer.de gleiche Regeln wie dort.

Hilfe zur Bearbeitung von Seiten usw

Categories - Topics

-> Categories/Kategorienübersicht: http://sequencer.de/synth/index.php/Special:Categories

Category:Tricks Tutorials & Tricks

Category: Synthesizer Synthesizer

Category: Hardware Audio/Synthesizer Hardware

Category: Software Audio/Synthesizer Software

Category: Modular Modular Synthesizer

Category: Sequencer Sequencer (Soft/Hard)

Category: Magazine Synthesizer + Audio Magazine(s)

Category: Sound_Synthesis Synthese Grundlagen / Synthesis Basics

Category: DIY DIY Synth / Electronics - Selbstbau / Mods

category:Manufacturer Synth + Software Manufacturers

Category: Styles Genres & Music Styles

Category: Musicians Music / Bands

Category: Live Live Music + Jam

Category:CD - List CD Albums here

- Help http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Category

Please add the matching category to your contributions. It is easy: just add the words category: Nameofthecategorie surrounded by two brackets or this type [[ ]] to a page to make it belong to a category.

Example: to add a page you have created about your music to the category "Musicians" just add the following to your page:

 [[Category: Musicians]] 

Keyboard Shortcuts


  • crtl+e = edit
  • crtl+s = save
  • crtl+p = preview
  • crtl+o = log out (attention, pico users)


  • somewhow similar to the mac shortcuts with the crtl key exchanged and some shortcuts not working.