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 LL Rozzbox One V2 Digital Synthesizer + simple sequencer

LL Rozzbox One V2 synthesizer
LL electronic rozzbox One V2.0
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Built 2008
Type: digital
Hybrid: no
5 Voice / Stimmen
1x Multitimbral
standard Memory / Speicher
Value / Wert in 2017 ca. 1190 (rare)
Synthesis: subtractive

OSC Features ring sync FM
Wave Shapes digital saw pulse tri noise
4 OSCs
2 Filter hpf lpf self reso 4 Pole
2 LFOs wave sawtooth triangle square Sample+Hold
2 Envelope Generators 2x ADSR

MIDI CONTROLLER Control / Triggering
0 Keys with velocity aftertouch

Arpeggiator no
Sequencer simple sequencer
(ID 676)
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once upon a time Kilian Leonhard and the german keyboards forum users desiced to make a synth, ok the forum was only for ideas, in fact Kilian did all the work and the aim was to make a synth for 250€, the frist bath was made and sold, Kilian exploited himself ,so V2 was made and the price wnet up to still very ok level and the voice number raised to 5 Voices..
ABOUT Die neue Rozzbox bekommt einige neue Funktionen hinzu im Vergleich zur "Ur-Rozzbox", darunter sogar Sequenzen und 4 Röhren und ein Display.

Die Rozzbox ist eine Idee von Kilian Leonhard, der im Keyboardsforum sogar Ideen sammelte und sich zum Ziel machte, einen Synthesizer für 250€ zu bauen ,dafür verkaufte er dann auch die ersten, leider war das dann eher Selbstausbeutung und er brachte die Rozzbox V2 heraus, sie ist 1 oder 5 stimmig (das erstmodell war noch monophon)..
DETAILS 2 filters: one digital, one analog (series), env: lin + exp - Rozzbox is a one man small "company". it all started to make a nice digital synthesizer for about 250€ on microcontrollers/pic - to make it cheap and no need for DSPs or the like.. so the idea was to make "ROZZ" (rotz = german for.. uhm.. dirt..) todays music lives from the digital imperfection here.. so you can turn up digital dirt in a special section "rozz (rotz!)" and reduces bits and depth of calculating filters / aliasing is WANTED.. so, yes.. it is not an 8bit C64 synth, but it was designed for lofi sounds.. in fact the ROZZBOX ONE sounds much more hi-ended then one might think of. additional to this there is an analog filter available as an option. it has 3 OSCs feat. digital waves also and an LFO and 2 "mod matrix"-kind of routing sections. the filter is LPF or HPF with resonance, oscs range from 4 to 32". there is a small display for saving your sounds and there are of course 2 ADSR envelopes (lin/exp).

new: Tube Filters!

4-OP FM with 7 Algorithms.
2 free digital waves, 14 internal waves
DETAILS 2 in Serie geschaltete Filter: ein digitaler, ein analoger (tranistor-schaltung), env: lin + exp

neu: Röhrenfilter!

4-Operator-FM-Engine mit 7 Algorithmen, 14 interne und 2 freie user waves zum "einzeichnen".
SOUND specialized on nasty and evil sounds, also LoFI.but can sound nicer also but has a special LoFi Section.
SOUND gedacht für Lofi und "rotzige" Sounds, Wavetable-artiges garstiges, kann aber auch nett klingen. Sehr vielseitig und von Lo bis erstaunlich HiFi.
VERSION update 2: - Analog filter (transistor based) on all new Rozzboxes (V2) - Envelope-Follower + Audio In (seperate Ins) - much faster ENV + Modulation - 2 (plus "Global LFO") instead of 1 LFO - 4 mod routings instead of 2 - 9 more mod routings - more mod sources - sequencer - more lofi FX
VERSION update 2: - Analog filter (Transistor basiert) serienmässig V2 - Envelope-Follower + Audio In (seperate Ins) - schnellere Hüllkurven + Modulation - weiterer "Global" LFO - 4 Modulations-Routings statt 2 Knoten - 9 zusätzliche/ feste Modulationswege - mehr Mod.Quellen und Ziele verfügbar - ein Sequencer - mehr Lofi FX/Crunch etc.
Kilian is showing his latest Box
Kilian Leonhardt is the inventor of the Rozzbox One V 2.0
Kilian zeigt seine Rozzbox Kilian is showing his latest Box synthesizer

by: moogulator
Kilian zeigt seine Rozzbox
Kilian Leonhardt ist der Erfinder der Rozzbox.(Bild von der Musikmesse 2008)
Kilian zeigt seine Rozzbox Kilian is showing his latest Box synthesizer IMAGE

LL known or written as LL Electronics or Rozzbox formerly Kilian Leonhardt

Kilian Leonhardt from germany started it all to make a synth based on a PIC chip for 250€, there's more Rozzboxes today.

Eigentlich startete Kilian Leonhardt das Projekt im Keyboards-Forum mit der Idee auf einem PIC einen günstigen Synthesizer aufzubauen für 250€, ohne klanglich zu viel einzubüßen.

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