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 ARP 2600 Modular Synthesizer

ARP 2600 synthesizer
the ARP2600 synth versions family
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Built 1970
Type: analog
Hybrid: no
1 Voice / Stimmen
1x Multitimbral
no Memory / Speicher
Value / Wert in 2017 ca. 2500 (-)
Synthesis: modular

OSC Features modular fm ring pwm filterFM
Wave Shapes pulse saw sine triangle noise colour
3 OSCs
1 Filter lpf self reso 4 Pole
1 LFOs triangle
2 Envelope Generators 1xADSR 1xAR loop

CV GATE Control / Triggering
49 Keys with no

Arpeggiator no
Sequencer no
(ID 165)
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ABOUT possibly the best known ARP, the "natural born" competitor moog had only pure modulars to set against it, the 2600 is close to semi-modular? hmm, in fact is is a semi,because it has a not-so-easy change to rearrange the modules, but at a closer look it is possible. Mr Alan R. Pearlmans still very very good sounds synths. the sounds was the greatest competitor for its more "neutral" sound compared to the "moog" sound, which sounded more "synthesizer".
ABOUT An diesem sehr gut klingenden Klassiker von Alan R. Pearlman (A.R.P) haben sich mehrere neue Ideen breit gemacht: Semi-Modularität: Die Module sind eigentlich vorverkabelt, mit etwas näherem Hinschauen kann man aber dennoch die Module etwas anders arrangieren. Er klingt neutraler als sein Moog-Kollege, der einfach mehr nach "Synthesizer" klingt.
DETAILS 3 VCOs plus one LFO in the keyboard, a spring reverb, a complex S+H section (a real one), an envelope follower and linear and expo. impact on VCA for very percussive sounds. (ADSR only)
DETAILS 3 VCOs und LFO im Keyboard, eine Hallspirale und eine komplexe S+H Einheit machen ihn zu einem interessanten Synthesizer. Ein Envelope-Follower ist auch an Bord. lineare und expo für VCA (gut für "schnelle" Sounds)
SOUND cool thing to start with, when you plan a modular system, but also very big in sound, more neutral than moog. Basses and Percussion is just a fraction of what it can do..
SOUND sehr breiter guter Klang, fett und breit und neutraler als zB Moog. Fette Sounds sind kein Problem für ihn, oder als Start ins Modulare Leben..
VERSION first version: blue meanie (in blue), later ones with secured circuitry for patant reasons (ARP used something very very close to moog filters), some more versions with orange and other lettering..
VERSION erste version war blau "blue meanie", spätere hatten eingeschweisste module (damit man nicht sah, das die filter von moog geklaut waren), es gab schwarze versionen mit oranger und anderer schrift.
ARP 2600

ARP 2600 ARP 2600 synthesizer

by: robert schweizer
ARP 2600
ARP 2600 ARP 2600 synthesizer IMAGE
ARP 2600
there are 4 versions (3 shown on the top pic here) there left red/black one and the white/grey/black ones are quite common, the right one is a very rare
.. anyway the ARP 2600 modules are encapsulated and can not be opened by anyone, but there are ppl able to to so like achim lenzgen from synthesizer service, germany / namedy.
I'd strongly assume those modules are encapsulated like this because ARP "lended" the moog filter cascade, anyway it sounds a bit more "uncoloured" or less "typical moog" - some ppl say it is more "acoustic" in a way.. it's hard to tell - in words!..

ARP 2600 ARP 2600 synthesizer

by: robert schweizer
ARP 2600
ARP 2600 ARP 2600 synthesizer IMAGE
ARP 2600

ARP 2600 ARP 2600 synthesizer

by: robert schweizer
ARP 2600
ARP2600 deutsche trigger info ARP:
ARP benötigt zum Auslösen des ADSR-ENV einen Triggerimpuls (kurzer Nadelimpuls 15 V), der den Hüllkurvenvorgang startet und einen Gate-Impuls (10 V), der letzendlich für die Dauer der Einschwingphase (Attack) und der primären Ausschwingphase (Decay) verantwortlich zeichnet. Nach Ablauf der Attack -und Decay-Zeiten bleibt der Hüllkurvengenerator auf dem eingestellten Sustainwert für die Dauer des anliegenden Gates, danach gehts mit Release "abwärts".
ARP 2600 ARP 2600 synthesizer IMAGE

ARP known or written as Alan R. Pearlman formerly Tonus Inc.

The second best known synth company in the early 70ies. Alan R.Pearlman founded the Tonus Inc in the US and later changed to ARP. they where the big ones beside Moog until the polyphonic synths came. the Odyssey and ARP2600 were a good addition to the Moogs and sounded less "typical moog". After the hard struggle making a guitar synth (the avatar sold about 300 times) they changed to a very innovative new synth, the Chroma but closed their doors in the early/mid 80ies and sold it to CBS (which was sold to Rhodes/Fender).

ARP Trigger info: gate pulse in/out 8-10V GROUND to positive.
EDP gate pulse out: 'S-Trig' (like moog and some korgs) and 9V GROUND to positive.


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