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 ARP Avatar Analog Synthesizer

ARP Avatar synthesizer
Avatar pic thx to Robert s / the vision.
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Built 1977
Type: analog
Hybrid: no
1 Voice / Stimmen
1x Multitimbral
no Memory / Speicher
Value / Wert in 2017 ca. 850 (rare)
Synthesis: subtractive

OSC Features ring pwm sync
Wave Shapes pulse saw sine triangle noise white pink
2 OSCs
1 Filter lpf self reso + static HPF 4 Pole
1 LFOs sine square
2 Envelope Generators 1xADSR 1xAR

CV GATE Control / Triggering
0 Keys with no

Arpeggiator no
Sequencer no
(ID 168)
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ABOUT the guitar synth version of the odyssey which wasthe classic minimoog opponent, more flexible (s+h), sounds more "analytic". duophonic. ARP synthesizer (Alan Richard. Pearlman) ARP Odyssey 1972 / ARP Avatar 1977 .. DAF and Conny Plank (known for producing Can,Kraftwerk, DAF etc.. in Düsseldorf/germany) used it (with a korg MS20) .. it has fast envelopes and was some sort of competition for the minimoog.. it had indeed more features than the mini. there have been versions with 12dB/oct LP-filters, later versions were equipped with 24dB/oct filters!! also the color has changed (white and black). also the tune potentiometer is only one option: other versions had 3 white "proportional switches" 2 OSCs and an LFO, S/h (lag time but no sample time slider as on the roland sh5) also a non VC-able HPF is there like on some rolands. versions: the first version odyssey I was 12dB/oct, white and "golden" versions, after that also "golden"/black was the 2810 (odyssey II) first with pitch knob, later with propotional control pitch like the one here on the pic on the right, the later III model was equipped with 24dB/oct LPF and golden/black design, later models known as odyssey III were black with orange letters. ARP had internal numbers for the odyssey series since the filter module changed and the proportional control and pitch knob.. also good for percussive sounds.. want to mod your "ody"? CMS offers a modification (same for the avatar, which is in fact an odyessey without keyboard): there are a lot of mods possible with the ody/avatar , even for DIY: accellerate/slow down speed of the lfo, speed up the envelope, add inverted envelope (it's already there!! you only need a switch to route it), filter mod (3 resistors and one condensator to change here.. to widen the filter freq range), bridge the hpf or reduce it's bypassed "bass killing" effect, and more waveforms to route (cms also offers to convert some waveforms and adds a 12dB/oct filter!). and all modularized by adding nice jacks for outside communication. if you are in love with your soldering iron, it can be done in 1hour. but there is CMS, if you don't dare to to that yourself. octave made the "cat" that is very close to the odyssey (and went to court!) strangely the VCO waveforms are switched at the mixer section.. most illogical? no this price goes to the yamaha cs30 where you need to forget all concepts of synthesizer panel designs ;)
ABOUT Eigentlich ein Gitarrensynthesizer, identisch mit Odyssey (300 stk produziert), Odyssey ist ein Klassiker von ARP, Hauptkonkurrent zum Minimoog, etwas flexibler aber auch etwas neutraler im Klang "analytischer". duophonie.
DETAILS 2 VCOs and quite slow LFO, Filter was 12dB/oct first, later (Ody II) were 4pole (not switchable), lots of modifications to filter and control over time, internal name 2800. LFO can trigger ENVs (each) and can be mixed into audio signal, OSCs allow LO-mode. ARP Trigger info: gate pulse in/out 8-10V GROUND to positive.
DETAILS 2 VCOs und ein rel. langsamer LFO, Filter war früher 12dB/oct, später in Modell Odyssey II 24dB/oct. es gab mehrere Modifikationen, Interner Name: 2800. LFO kann im OSC eingemischt werden und ENVs triggern (einzeln). OSCs können langsam geschaltet werden (als LFO).
SOUND very big in sound, more neutral / analytic than moog. Basses and Percussion.
SOUND sehr breiter guter Klang, fett und breit und neutraler / analytischer als zB Moog. Fette Sounds sind kein Problem für ihn. DAF nutzten ihn gern.
VERSION quite like a keyless Odyssey II - modular-ization possible by mod.
VERSION eine art "tastenloser" odyssey II - modularisierung möglich durch umbau.
ARP Avatar
the avatar board. on top: the odyssey tech, bottom: for guitars, can be removed *g*
ARP Avatar ARP Avatar synthesizer

ARP Avatar
ARP Avatar ARP Avatar synthesizer IMAGE
Arp Avatar Board
Avatar Main Board
Arp Avatar Board Arp Avatar Board synthesizer

Arp Avatar Board
die Hauptplatine des Avatar
Arp Avatar Board Arp Avatar Board synthesizer IMAGE

ARP known or written as Alan R. Pearlman formerly Tonus Inc.

The second best known synth company in the early 70ies. Alan R.Pearlman founded the Tonus Inc in the US and later changed to ARP. they where the big ones beside Moog until the polyphonic synths came. the Odyssey and ARP2600 were a good addition to the Moogs and sounded less "typical moog". After the hard struggle making a guitar synth (the avatar sold about 300 times) they changed to a very innovative new synth, the Chroma but closed their doors in the early/mid 80ies and sold it to CBS (which was sold to Rhodes/Fender).

ARP Trigger info: gate pulse in/out 8-10V GROUND to positive.
EDP gate pulse out: 'S-Trig' (like moog and some korgs) and 9V GROUND to positive.


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