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 ARP Educational , Modular Synthesizer Lab Modular Synthesizer

ARP Educational , Modular Synthesizer Lab synthesizer
ARP Modular Synthesizer Lab
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Built 1975
Type: analog
Hybrid: no
1 Voice / Stimmen
1x Multitimbral
no Memory / Speicher
Value / Wert in 2017 ca. 1500 (ultra rare)
Synthesis: modular

OSC Features modular fm ring pwm filterFM
Wave Shapes pulse saw sine triangle noise colour
5 OSCs
99 Filter lpf self reso? 4 Pole
99 LFOs triangle saw pulse noise s/h
99 Envelope Generators ADSR

CV GATE Control / Triggering
25 Keys with no

Arpeggiator no
Sequencer no
(ID 550)
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ABOUT the system is a number of modules that are not mounted in a cabinet or rack but like stomp boxes but everything is there to make a cmplete modular system. for educational use - the keyboard is simple: 2 octaves monophonic and with "educational keyboard" written in big letters..

no idea about the price.. so this time it is just phantasy.
ABOUT ein System aus einzelnen Modulen, die wie "Tretminen" per Patchkabel verpatcht werden, Baujahr.

einen preis weis ich nicht. daher ist er fantasie.
DETAILS these modules are freely arrangeable so it is unlimited - I am not sure if there was a multimode filter for this system?
DETAILS die module sind offenbar frei zu kaufen gewesen, daher theoretisch unlimiert durch irgendwas.. bin nicht sicher, ob es wirklich all diese filtermodi gibt.. evtl nur LPF 24dB/oct.
SOUND well if you get these you are a collector, right? nice modular..
SOUND wer sie bekommt, ist wohl sammler - selten!

ARP known or written as Alan R. Pearlman formerly Tonus Inc.

The second best known synth company in the early 70ies. Alan R.Pearlman founded the Tonus Inc in the US and later changed to ARP. they where the big ones beside Moog until the polyphonic synths came. the Odyssey and ARP2600 were a good addition to the Moogs and sounded less "typical moog". After the hard struggle making a guitar synth (the avatar sold about 300 times) they changed to a very innovative new synth, the Chroma but closed their doors in the early/mid 80ies and sold it to CBS (which was sold to Rhodes/Fender).

ARP Trigger info: gate pulse in/out 8-10V GROUND to positive.
EDP gate pulse out: 'S-Trig' (like moog and some korgs) and 9V GROUND to positive.


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