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 CLAVIA Nord Lead 2x Digital Synthesizer

Clavia Nord Lead 2x synthesizer
NL2 kb pic thanks to plasmatron
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Built 1997
Type: digital
Hybrid: no
20 Voice / Stimmen
4x Multitimbral
standard Memory / Speicher
Value / Wert in 2017 ca. 500 (not rare)
Synthesis: subtractive

OSC Features fm pwm sync ring
Wave Shapes pulse triangle saw sine + noise
2 OSCs
1 Filter lpf hpf bpf 2-4 Pole
2 LFOs triangle sawtooth random
3 Envelope Generators 2x ADSR 1x AD

MIDI CONTROLLER Control / Triggering
49 Keys with velocity

Arpeggiator yes
Sequencer no
(ID 8)
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ABOUT virtual analogue, in non x version 16 voices.. compared.. to nordlead2 / nord lead 2x yes: it has the same sound characteristics as the nord lead 2 and modular / g2(x). no, it is not the same as g2 or NM, you CAN emulate it, but it is better if you want a VA/standard subtractive. why? it ias a polysynth user interface for fast live access that has a structure.. it is not modular,.. thats of help with those LED knobs - you always see what the sound is like without playing .. on the modulars (g2 / NM1) you need to help yourself or look at the patch on the screen. the g2 has LED knobs ,too.. but for it's modular philosophy it is more open and you need to read the display.. but sonically they are really the same , almost.. and: well the g2 and nm are much more flexible, that the "price" for the open architecture.. imo the G2 has the most optimised and fast surface of all modular systems available today! why? you can assign parameters and midi controllers by less klicks than on others, it has 5 displays and shows it's name and value, so you can use it as a controller box,too.. the older NM has only one display so you need to press the "find" knob very often and so it is the one that needs the computer screen most ..

The Jupiter 8/MKS80 and the SCI Prophet 5 were "modeled" after the idea of these 2 classic synths (of course this does not mean it sounds identical).
ABOUT virtuell analog, ohne x 16 stimmig und mit 20bit wandlern

Angeblich ist der SCI Prophet 5 und der mks80/Jupiter 8 "Vorbild" gewerden, was aber nicht heisst er klänge exakt so.
DETAILS FM and a specialty called synched noise which sounds a bit like Wavetables like PPG with some added chaos.

Clavia Nord Lead-1
--- Motorola 56002 (4-voices from a Turtle beach Fiji chip)

The Nord Lead 3 has 6 Motorola 56362 DSPs, The Nord Lead 2 has 4 Motorola 56002 DSPs

ONLY Nord Lead 1 and 2 (not the x):
there is a hidden mode called "Pelle" which is named after a former programmer/employee at Clavia, it has no master volume control and it can only be activated via setting slot 1 to program 19 and slot 2 to 65
PLEASE NOTE - it's all at own risk
after setting those programs in the first 2 slots hold AUTO (below Portamento) and press shift - now (keep holding) also press Vel/Morph.

read more at NM-Archives'sMode.htm
DETAILS hat FM und synched noise, eine ein PPG Waves erinnernde klangveränderung mit "hart synchronisiertem Noise".

Nur NordLead 1 und 2 (nicht 2x):
Es gibt einen speziellen sehr sehr lauten Spezialmodus, den man durch Eingabe von Slot A auf 19 und Slot B auf 65 und der Tastenkombination Auto + Shift und dann Velocity/Morph. Mehr über den so genannten Pelle Modus (nach einem Programmierer bei Clavia)''sMode.htm
SOUND since the NL2 has a nice quick and easy to use drum mode and fast envelopes is is fine for percussion, the synched noise and parameter morphing makes evolving pads possible with a bit of chaotic shimmering
SOUND mit dem synched noise und dem parametermorphing können ineinander übergehende klänge gut gemacht werden, durch die schnellen Hüllkurven können auch Percussion Klänge gebaut werden, Der NL2 hat einen feinen sehr schnell zu bedienenden Drum Mode
VERSION there is an identical version as rack, the later Nord Lead 2x has more memory but no card slot and 20 Voices. NL2x vs. 2: the 2x is the same as the 2 with card built in, so it has 24bit DA convertors and about 300 patches / 30 drumkits compared to 10 drumkits and 40 patches with no card on the older NL2 - thats all! 16 voices, 4 slots. the old NL1: has 4 to 12 voices and there has been an update that added synched noise and some other features that are worth the update. anyway it is always below the nl2.. some important routings that were added from nl1 to nl2: -distortion (filter saturation) -more filter models (added in soft eprom update on the nl1) -LFO1/2 more routings like filter mod by LFO2, echo mode added and 2 waveforms added (smoothed random, very cool!)! -modENV (AD) PW mod possible in NL2 -more waveforms (OSCs) - sine added for better FM sounds -noise synchable, sounds a bit like wavetables ;) -ringmod added. -keytracking now more than "on/off"
VERSION es gibt eine Rack - Version (identisch), der spätere Nord Lead 2x hat mehr Speicher, dafür keinen Cardslot und 20 Stimmen
Nord Lead 2x

Nord Lead 2x Nord Lead 2x synthesizer

Nord Lead 2x
Nord Lead 2x Nord Lead 2x synthesizer IMAGE
AUDIO FILE (download)
Aliens Project - Toy of the Month Audio
Clavia Nord Lead 2
Aliens Project - Toy of the Month Audio
Clavia Nord Lead 2 Clavia NL2 Audio synthesizer audio AUDIO

CLAVIA or Nord Keyboards

Swedish company by Hans Nordelius who often lended the "NORDelius" to their machines. inventors of the virtual analogue term and technology / idea. they advertized for their first synthesizer with "no samples". they also built/build drum modules and even other things like organs and stage instruments but their real innovation was the nord modular and G2, the first full digital modular with really easy building of patches on screen. the first of it's kind was the only one on the market for a very long time.

Hans is on the right on this image.

Official Intl. Site :
ueber Synthesizer Hersteller CLAVIA

Hans NORDelius ist Chef und Namensspender für die meisten Instrumente, die oft im typischen Ferrarirot angeboten werden. Warben sie noch für den ersten virtuell-analogen Synthesizer mit "no samples"-Schildern und setzten damit eine Welle von VAs aus, so boten sie auch den extrem innovativen digitalen Modularsynthesizer lange als einizige an. Bedienung und Speicherbarkeit war neu und ist lange lange ohne eine ernsthafte Konkurrenz ausgekommen.

Hier auf dem Bild rechts: Hans Nordelius und Bengt, der nicht mehr bei Clavia arbeitet.



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