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 KORG DW8000, EX8000 Hybrid Synthesizer

Korg DW8000, EX8000 synthesizer
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Built 1985
Type: digital
Hybrid: yes
8 Voice / Stimmen
1x Multitimbral
standard Memory / Speicher
Value / Wert in 2017 ca. 170 (-)
Synthesis: subtractive

OSC Features dwgs digital wave
Wave Shapes saw square sine +13 digital noise
2 OSCs
1 Filter lpf reso 4 Pole
1 LFOs sine
2 Envelope Generators 2x ADBSSR

MIDI SYSEX Control / Triggering
61 Keys with velocity aftertouch

Arpeggiator yes
Sequencer no
(ID 210)
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ABOUT kind of successor of the polysix "becoming more digital", the time of stepped parameters.. can be controlled by SysEX (surprise!) - cool unison mode (all voices at once)
ABOUT Korg wird digital und bringt 16 Wellenformen als Basis und erweitert den niedrig auflösenden Poly61 deutlich, kann erstaunlicherweise per SysEx gesteuert werden (!), cooler unison mode (alle stimmen zugleich)!

ex8000: rackversion
DETAILS first digital synth by Korg with digital wave cycles (no samples) and first one with dynamic keyboard., the DWGS system does not say more than Digital Wave Generation Synthesis, sounded more "real" at that time, analog filters! and: it had a delay (quite unusual that time!) - it was one of the first, that had FX in it (as the poly800 and dss1 sampler it has a delay inside! - 512ms max), 8 voices (the smaller version dw6000 had 6 voices), 2 DCOs, analog filters (standard lpf). it has 64 patches and there has been an extension for splitting and layering sounds, anyway: normally the dw 8000 is in poly mode only. has velocity response. 2 special eg: ADBSSR envelopes! but dw6000 and dw8000 have analogue filters! the microkorg & ms2000 are of course VA / digital! - back to DW arpeggiator on board, too! one lfo (called mg (modulation generator) on korg synths). released in 1985. btw: the original dw series had 16 dwgs waves, the ms2000 / MS2000R and microkorg got lots more! btw: if you turn the dwgs knob you can get a nice "wavetable-like" sound scan. the microkorg/ms2000 (same engine) also allow symmetry of all waveforms (saw etc..) with pulse it is called PWM ;) there is also the fm mode, it does not allow all waveforms, so you can have sine and the basic waveforms for fm. still cool for a lot of sounds. also able to ringmod and sync the oscs or both!.. 4 mod routings allow to change parameters by velocity. the real cool thing is the "arpeggiator" (more than that), where you can set every of the 8 (16 on the ms2000) "steps" like the roland TR drum machines. the number of waveforms are different.

Total Reset hold 5 + 8 an power the synth on.
DETAILS hier kam bei Korg auf, die Wellenformen etwas aufzumöbeln, ansonsten hat er analoge Filter, schöner Hybridsynthesizer mit Dynamik. die 16 Waves im DWGS System (nix anderes als Digital Wave Generator Synthesis) machten etwas "echtere" Klänge möglich, sind aber auch nur kurze Wellenzyklen, keine Samples. analog filters! ausserdem hatte er ein Delay an Bord (nicht üblich zu der Zeit!)

Eine mögliche Lösung für Probleme nach Batteriewechsel ist ein Totalreset. Nachdem das Gerät 15 Min. eingeschaltet war, schaltet man es aus. Nach ein paar Sekunden drückt man Tasten 5 und 8 und schaltet das Gerät gleichzeitig wieder an.
SOUND analog standards and arpeggios. nice joystick for combined bending and modulating VCF and vibrato (not at the same time..) nice pads for its analog filters.
SOUND analog standards und arpeggios. schöner joystick mit bending und VCF und vibrato-funktion.. schöne pads durch seine analogen filter.
VERSION Rack: EX8000 -- DW8000, 3rd party multimode expansion (split/dual mode, multi, s+h for lfo etc.), nice unison fat basses!
VERSION Rack: EX8000 - DW8000, externe erweiterung auf multimode (split/dual mode, multi, s+h for lfo etc.) - schön fett , besonder mit unison mode.
Korg EX8000
rack version of the dw-8000
Korg EX-8000 Korg EX8000 synthesizer

Korg EX-8000
rackversion des DW8000
Korg EX-8000 Korg EX8000 synthesizer IMAGE
Korg EX8000
DW-8000 Rack
Korg EX-8000 Korg EX8000 synthesizer

Korg EX-8000
Korg EX-8000 Korg EX8000 synthesizer IMAGE
Korg DW-8000

* Splitting and Doubling Sounds
* Local off function
* Key Transpose, Random MG Waveform and Compare function
* Two MIDI Send- and Receive channels
* Compare and MIDI Program Change for all 128 Sounds

to your dw8000
Korg DW8000
erweitert den dw-8000 um split und mehr..
macht ihn sogar 2fach multitimbral..
Korg DW8000 Korg DW-8000 synthesizer LINK

KORG known or written as Keio formerly Univox, Donca Matic, Diamond, Keio Organ

Mr Tsutomu Katoh, founder of KEIO
aka KORG = Keio ORGans.

Analogue Trigger Korg: gate pulse in/out 5V negative 5V pos to GROUND
MS-20 and some others are: 'S-Trig' (Moog Type) - Kurzschlusstrigger = to GND = shorting connection.
v-trig also.

Official Intl. Site :
ueber Synthesizer Hersteller KORG

Korg wurde von Tsutomu Katoh aus Japan gegründet.

Offizielle Site (D)


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