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 OBERHEIM Matrix 12 Analog Synthesizer

Oberheim Matrix 12 synthesizer
oberheim matrix 12
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Built 1985
Type: analog
Hybrid: no
12 Voice / Stimmen
12x Multitimbral
standard Memory / Speicher
Value / Wert in 2017 ca. 3400 (rare)
Synthesis: subtractive

OSC Features pwm sync fm
Wave Shapes pulse triangle saw noise
2 OSCs
1 Filter lpf bpf hpf notch phase/apf self reso 1-4 Pole
6 LFOs saw triangle square random s+h src
9 Envelope Generators 5x ADSR 5xD

MIDI SYSEX Control / Triggering
61 Keys with velocity aftertouch

Arpeggiator no
Sequencer no
(ID 176)
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ABOUT Oberheims state of the art synth based on curtis chips it is one of the best sounding curtis-synths ever made, in 1984 it had multimode and sysex control via midi. very broad wide sound and first one that had a mod matrix. a double Xpander (double number of voices)
ABOUT Oberheim ist mit dem Matrix 12 klar einer der bestklingenste Synthesizer mit Curtis-Chips, er hatte als erster eine freie Modulationsmatrix und konnte 1984 bereits komplett per Sysex gesteuert werden und hatte schon Multimode. Sehr breiter Sound. Ein doppelter Xpander (doppelte Stimmenzahl)
DETAILS Multimodefilter: LPF,HPF (1-4 Pole, 1-3 on HPF), BPF (2 & 4 Pole), Notch, Phase (3 Pole), and Combinations: HPF (2-3 Pole)+LPF(1 Pole), Notch (2 Pole) + LPF (1 Pole), Phase (3 Pole) + LPF (1 Pole) , Filter FM and Oszillator FM modable, filter resonance does not thin out the sound at all. there are at least 6 LFOs (one is for vibrato / multisounds). 5 ENVs, not that fast but .additional to that it has 4 simple ramps (simple Decay-envs), so it is a real mod-monster. all envs and LFOs are software by Marcus Ryle. has Release Velocity. 3 five point tracking Generators! 6 3372 Signal Processor - CEM3372 Filter/Mix/VCA 6 3374 Dual VCO 2x 6809 processors Curtis 3320 VCF or equivalent cem3372 - afaik Xpander only ever used the CEM3372 not 3320 filters made with an extra ciruitry in the servical manual a one percent resistor array. this chip provides LPF 4pole filter only! 2 processors running at 16mhz. there is also the noise gen on the processor board! the first is responsible for the display and encoders, the other is for env and lfo generation..

reset: hold clear + power cycle. (on/off)
DETAILS 'Für die damalige Zeit ein Modulationsmonster, dessen LFOs und ENVs durch Marcus Ryles Programmierkunst je 5 an der Zahl waren plus einem Master LFO für Vibrato/Multis, nicht sehr schnell, aber viele. Dazu noch 4 Ramps, die schlicht Minihüllkurven sind. Sehr spannender Multimodefilter Multimodefilter: LPF,HPF (1-4 Pol, beim HPF bis 3 Pol), BPF (2 & 4 Pol), Notch, Phase (3 Pol), and Combinations: HPF (2-3 Pol)+LPF(1 Pol), Notch (2 Pol) + LPF (1 Pol), Phase (3 Pol) + LPF (1 Pol) , Filter FM and Oszillator FM modable. Resonanz dünnt den Klang nicht aus. Erster Synthesizer mit Software-Modulationsmatrix! Hat Release Velocity. 3 tracking Generatoren (5 punkt)!

reset via clear festhalten und aus/ein/schalten
SOUND very flexible Synth with one of the best and wide / fat sounds ever heard, only one thing: it''s not made for very fast percussive sounds
SOUND Der perfekteste Breitwandklang, den man haben kann. Nicht Ideal für Superperkussives, aber sonst extrem flexibel und wirklich guter Grund-Klang.
VERSION Xpander: 6voices version of the Matrix in a keyless xpander version - no 19" size! quite like a sawed off Matrix - early Xpanders were made in USA, later ones in Japan. The US-one is better in quality (gibson took over the company produced it in japan later)
VERSION Xpander: 6stimmige Expanderversion, nicht 19" eher wie ein Matrix mit abgesägtem Keyboard - es gab spätere Versionen, die in Japan hergestellt wurden, früher in den USA. Die US-Version ist qualitativ besser, Gibson kaufte Oberheim und brachte die Produktion nach Japan
Oberheim Matrix 12 = 1/2 Xpander
the Matrix 12 is almost 2 Xpanders, so read on here form more..
Matrix12 = 1/2 Xpander
der Oberheim Matrix 12 entspricht den Möglichkeiten des Xpander.. dazu viel mehr hier..
Matrix12 = 1/2 Xpander Oberheim Matrix 12 = 1/2 Xpander synthesizer LINK

OBERHEIM or Gibson, Oberheim-Viscount Joint Venture, Viscount

today owned by Gibson and lendet to Viscount. Tom Oberheim started it (of course he left when Gibson took over). He built Synth Modules (SEM) to be played via other synthesizers and ppl wanted him to built synths: he did. he took SEMs and made polyphonic synths out of them. the latest synth was the Xpander and Matrix12, the OB-Mx wasn't a real Tom Oberheim anymore, so they got Don Buchla finishing it (it did not sell well), so the OB12 as only the name in common with the founder. Mr Oberheim tried again under the Marion System name.

The "real" Tom Oberheim is now producing under his full name guess his site -

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