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 ROLAND Jupiter 4 Analog Synthesizer

Roland Jupiter 4 synthesizer
Jupiter 4
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Built 1979
Type: analog
Hybrid: no
4 Voice / Stimmen
1x Multitimbral
small Memory / Speicher
Value / Wert in 2017 ca. 1500 (rare)
Synthesis: subtractive

OSC Features pwm filter fm
Wave Shapes pulse saw noise white
1 OSCs + 1 SubOSCs info ©
2 Filter static hpf + lpf reso 4 Pole
1 LFOs square saw sine
2 Envelope Generators 2x ADSR

CV GATE Control / Triggering
49 Keys with no

Arpeggiator yes
Sequencer no
(ID 22)
  deutsch - german
ABOUT The JP4 is a quite under-rated synth. closes the gap between the SH series and the bigger Jupiters 6 and 8, that sound more aggressive. very nice fast LFO!
ABOUT Der JP4 is ein extrem unterschätzter "kleinster" Jupiter, klingt jedoch deutlich anders als die beiden grossen Modelle 6 und 8 und schliesst damit die Verbindung zwischen der Vorgänger Serie (SH) und den kleinen Juno Modellen. wundervoller superschneller LFO und ENVs.
DETAILS very fast LFO goes up to audio speed (about 80Hz) and has unison mode, has S+H based on LFO triggered clocking. the arper and voice assignment ist similar to the System 100m keyboard 184
DETAILS ein netter 1 VCO Synth mit Subosc. LFO kann ENV neu triggern. ext. input. weiss und rosa rauschen, er hat einen S+H basierten modulationseingang für den Filter, der bei Arper - Nutzung genutzt wird. LFO ist sehr schnell und ermöglicht interessante Sounds und Filter FM (80 hz max etwa). die Stimmenverwaltung und der Arper ist identisch mit dem poly-Keyboard 184 des System 100m.
SOUND fat basses and leads. warm-cold clinical sounds caused by the fast audio speed LFO and very percussive sounds (fast envelopes). it is big , so it is not the first choice for live performances. 8 user memories, but can only be recalled, if you want to store one you need to go to manual mode and save it from there.
SOUND fette baesse und leads, warmkalte FM sounds, metallisches, klinisches - dazu sehr schnelle hüllkurven und daher auch perkussive überzeugende percussion sounds, bassdrums etc. nicht perfekt für live (sperrig und gross). die 8 (acht!) Speicher können nicht direkt editiert werden, nur aus dem "manual mode" gespeichert werden, daher sinnlos..
VERSION the promars is a one voice version but with 2 VCOs but no arper or s+h mod by arper clock. there was a mod./midi interface that allowed all parameters to be midi controllers and more memory.

- Kampfhofer MIDI - unfortunately Dieter Kampfhofer does no more of these:

- Full MIDI Controller support on all knobs. all the knobs and sliders, joystick are midified plus: note on/off, velocity, vca-mod, arpeggiator clock, etc.
- Extra LFO & waveform select.
- 2 independent and switchable ins and 2 outs. Note on and parameter changes can be controlled and/or received in 2 separate midi ins and/or outs also.
- Memory. Storable through midi & 4x internal - up to 128 is also possible.
- No "manual-only" progamming. Each program has instant access via any/all sliders and knobs. (the standard Jp4 will not allow edits on any of the 8 (!) memories).
- External signal input for internal "effects". more or less useful
VERSION der promars ist eine monophone version, der aber noch einen zweiten VCO hat, der aber nur ein tuning erlaubt und dieselben Wellenform-Enstellungen verwendet. natürlich ohne S+H trigger und arper. mod: es gab ein midiinterface - alle regler konnten in midi controller verwandelt werden und es gab mehr speicher.
Jupiter 4 + Promars
MIDI for Jupiter 4 / Promars (MSR-2):
the promars already has it's CV and gate on the back side! so you can use a normal kenton, doepfer or other standard midi to CV interface. normal voltage trigger and 1v/oct. logic.

same for the jupiter 4 but you need to get the CV & gate from the motherboard of the ju4: open it and find the main board. there you find 2 larger connectors. the upper 4 are gates from 4 to 1, the same for CVs on the other side of the connector (motherboard side). you'll find the same on the other board just upside down ;)

HOW TO DO IT jupiter 4 midi CV connection:
for jp4 use the opened pic showing the locations of A26 and d3 connectors which are parallel..

the promars has 1 complete voice board and one VCO2 board, the jupiter has 4 completely identical voice boards.
Jupiter 4 + Promars Jupiter 4 + Promars synthesizer

Jupiter 4 + Promars
Jupiter 4 + Promars Jupiter 4 + Promars synthesizer IMAGE
Jupiter 4 + Promars CV Gate + Midi
Jupiter 4 & Promars are
compuphonic because they have EIGHT fat MEMORY BUTTONS and you can store (but not edit after saving) up to biiig 8 sounds here!

overriding the computer will override the steps
so if you tried it? let me know!
same for adding controls for the Promars's
VCO2 controls!
difference: the jupiter 4 has a s/h for VCF and a nice arpeggiator (up,down,up+down,random) and unison modes! (2x poly and 2x unison) and hold.
most of the differences are here--> see the modifier "trigger" ? thats for arp triggering and s/h trigger for VCF modulation both is not possible on the promars. but the promars has 2 VCOs where the VCO2 has the same settings as vco1 exept the tuning. more fat? i'd say the jupiter4 in unison mode is more fat. and: the envelope is the fastest on ANY synthesizer ever heard. means: perfect for percussion.
Jupiter 4 + Promars Jupiter 4 + Promars CV Gate + Midi synthesizer

Jupiter 4 + Promars
Jupiter 4 + Promars Jupiter 4 + Promars CV Gate + Midi synthesizer IMAGE
Jupiter 4 + Promars
Roland Promars &
Jupiter 4 - it's compuphonic
introduced - 1979
first: the ju4 and promars do not sound like the other Jupiter synths (6,8,mks80), it's more like a transition from the SH to Jupiter with a lot of more SH in it.. so it is really another sound...
LFO:! - one can create real nice FM mod effects when modding the Filter at higher resonance amounts. Imo The Jupiter 4 is quite underestimated these days.
Jupiter 4 + Promars Jupiter 4 + Promars synthesizer

Jupiter 4 + Promars
zum Promars (mrs2) und Jupiter 4 :
1 VCO plus subosc, beim promars mit 2 VCOs, aber nur einer davon hat ein komplettes set für wellenform,pwm/pw und oktavschalter.. lfo geht bis ca 80-100hz! was imo DAS DING ist in der kiste, 24dB LPF und 2 ENVs für filter und AMP wobei filter sich invertieren lässt. sie klingen sehr anders als die anderen Jupiters oder SH Serie. ja, man kann natürlich die filter und co per cv steuern.. aber parameter kann man eigentlich auch steuern, denn -man glaubts nicht- intern sind diese parameter schon digital mit einem uralten intel "dümmer als 8080"-prozessor geregelt, wobei 2 bit für schalter und der rest für regler sind, heisst: 64 stufen (schade eigentlich) für regler (multiplexverfahren)
Jupiter 4 + Promars Jupiter 4 + Promars synthesizer IMAGE
Jupiter 4 + Promars
very fast envelopes!

VCO, note: you COULD have the same controls for PROMARS VCO2 with a mod.
Jupiter 4 + Promars Jupiter 4 + Promars synthesizer

Jupiter 4 + Promars
ich weis,es gab mal eine ankündigung irgendwo zu einem Ju4 interface ,das komplette CC steuerung ermöglichte (eine firma in münster,leider gibt es das nicht mehr) wie etwa "europa" für den Jupiter 6 ( ju6 / jupiter6 ).
natürlich sollte das auch für den promars gelten, wobei der vco2 vermutlich aussenvor bleibt.. (dieser ist intern eigentlich auch ein voller VCO, müsste also per re-engineering auch extra einstellbar sein: also PWM,PW,mod,fußlage,wellenform,(tune ist ja rausgelegt) - technisch versierte können aber dem vco2 dieselben parameter nocheinmal verpassen,die mit VCO1 einstellbar sind. unterschätzt ist er in jedem falle!
Jupiter 4 + Promars Jupiter 4 + Promars synthesizer IMAGE
Jupiter 4 + Promars
the PROMARS AND JUPITER 4 - Ju4 - Jupiter4 - jp4:
you don't believe: it's controlled digitally by a "sillier than 8080" intel processor.. 2 bit are used for switches, the rest for the sliders: so it's 64 steps resolution. also the promars extra VCO could get the same paramteres as the VCO1 (pwm,pw,lfo mod,oct switch,waveform,(tune is there already)) by re-engineering that software .. also there is a midi CC interface that makes it able to control all sliders via midi (of course you can do by voltage,too - i guy in münster, germany - seems it is discontinued..). but I only know of europa for the jupiter 6 .. maybe the company does not longer exist?.. price was around 250euro.
8 presets and 8 of your own sound - but you cannot chance saved patches.. so: you should leave this out ;) .. better bypass the "compuphonic" section to get real analogue-non-stepped parameters!..
Roland Jupiter 4 + Promars Jupiter 4 + Promars synthesizer

Roland Jupiter 4 + Promars
Roland Jupiter 4 + Roland Promars Synthesizer
Roland Jupiter 4 + Promars Jupiter 4 + Promars synthesizer IMAGE
Jupiter 4 + Promars
Sometimes it is a simple synth that can do a lot of really good sounding FX and sounds. the Jupiter 4 has a lot of warmth and is capable to do the nice warm and cold at one time Filter FM sounds as "the klinik" do.. try that using other synth often needs to sacrifice the VCO, and there are still not many vintage synth that can do filter FM at audio sspeed one of them is the jupiter 4 and its monophonic pendant Promars. The Xpander also does this or the Andromeda.
Jupiter 4 + Promars Jupiter 4 + Promars synthesizer

Jupiter 4 + Promars
Jupiter 4 + Promars Jupiter 4 + Promars synthesizer IMAGE

ROLAND or Boss, Edirol formerly Ace, Acetone
roland synth manufacturer logo - Hersteller Logo

Roland was founded in 1972 by Ikutaro Kakehasi, Japan (prior companies: ace (drum machines and electronic organs and kakehashi musen), first synthesizer: 1972 - Mr. Kakehashis biography is available as a book from Robert Olsen.
- DIN SYNC: same as tb303, TR606, TR707 (also with MIDI)
Pins - Roland DIN sync:
from left to right: PIN 3 tempo clock, PIN 5 fill in, PIN 2 ground, (middle pin!), PIN 4 reset & start, PIN 1 start/stop

Official Intl. Site :

Roland wurde 1972 von Ikutakro Kakehashi gegründet, nachdem er Ace aufgebaut hatte. Von Kakehashi gibt es ein Buch vom PPV Verlag.

Offizielle Site (D)


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