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 ROLAND Jupiter 8 Analog Synthesizer

Roland Jupiter 8 synthesizer
Jupiter 8
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Built 1981
Type: analog
Hybrid: no
8 Voice / Stimmen
2x Multitimbral
standard Memory / Speicher
Value / Wert in 2017 ca. 3800 (rare)
Synthesis: subtractive

OSC Features pwm sync Xmod
Wave Shapes triangle pulse saw noise white
2 OSCs
2 Filter static hpf + lpf reso 2-4 Pole
2 LFOs square saw sine random
2 Envelope Generators 2x ADSR

NO Control / Triggering
61 Keys with no

Arpeggiator yes
Sequencer no
(ID 24)
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ABOUT the classic polyphonic analogue synth JP8 is well known, so maybe just to say, it sounds a bit "aggressive" compared to us-synths of that time.
ABOUT Der JP8 ist ein echter Klassiker, klingt fett aber auch eine leicht aggressiv (verglichen mit damaliger us-Konkurrenz)
DETAILS quite fast LFO (about 64Hz), cool sync in both directions. HARDWARE INFO: Filter? Curtis? Roland? Thats a common mistake. But there is NO CEM filters in any of the MKS revisions. The CEM rev. has only CEM VCO and VCA even the ju8 has no curtis filters.. same for the ju6.. Both revisions uses 2 CEM3360 _DUAL_ VCA per voiceboard for Crossmodulation- The older revision usesr IR309 filter like in JP4, JP8, Juno60 etc. The newer MKS uses IR305 which is both VCF and VCA. like in Juno1/2, JX-10 etc. So it is right as follows (I will remove the wrong ones soon): MKS-80 (racked jupiter8) MKS80 used 8 x IR3RO5 Serial <#511800:-- 16 CEM3340 VCO 8 CEM3360 Dual VCA 12 IR-3R09 VCF MKS80 serial >511800:-- 16 IR-3R03 Roland VCO 4 CEM3360 Dual VCA 8 IR-3R05 VCF/VCA
DETAILS schneller LFO (ca 64Hz) und sync, der in beide richtung schaltbar ist. HARDWARE INFO: siehe english.
SOUND everything classic: pads, basses and sweeps
SOUND alles klassische: pads, bässe, sweeps und flächen
VERSION Rack: MKS80, + Programmer PG80 (no 2pole mode but Xmod Modulation by ENV1 instead). Most Ju8 had no Midi, some (later models) had DCB, there are DCB to midi interfaces still available. the Jupiter 6 has multimode filters but less voices and not as fat as the Ju8 but also Xmod modulation by Env and all wave can sound simultaneously.
VERSION Rack: MKS80 mit Programmer PG80 (hat keinen 2pol mode, dafür Xmod Modulation durch ENV1). die meissten Ju8 haben kein Midi, spätere Modelle hatten DCB (es gibt Interfaces DCB auf Midi, auch aktuell noch) und nur wenige Midi-Versionen. Es gibt noch den Jupiter 6, er hat einen Multimodefilter (lpf, hpf, bpf) und kann daher etwas mehr, hat aber weniger Stimmen und ist nicht ganz so fett.
Jupiter 8
Filters: lpf 24 and 12dB/oct.,
2 PWMable VCOs but you can use ONE waveform per VCO only,
crossmodulation, no midi but some have dcb (a roland interface), very classic roland "mid" & 80ies kind of sound (meant positive here!), it is more "phat" than the jp6 - jupiter 8 has no midi, but can be retrofitted, so there are midified jupiter around:
if your ju8 has DCB (this depends on the release date) you can get a DCB to midi interface ( )
some are already equipped and some have non of these.. in that case it's not impossible but more expensive to midify your jupiter.. (service tech!) same situation for old juno users. a jupiter 8 can be expensive these days, it a bit below 2k€. only ebayers pay 2500€ ;) there are 2 LFOs - LFO is 64Hz max, LFO2 is 16Hz max. so it is "fast" but not as fast as the Ju 4-6's - the racked version mks80 came later and has midi (the ju8 had not midi, later it had DCB under the jupiter8a name). the mks80 has env1 mod for Xmod.. it's been said: it seems not to sound absolutely the same.. as close as those rev. versions of the prophet 5 ;) so better see the mks80 as a revisited jupiter8 with influence of the ju6 mod capabilities but no more 12dB/oct filter mode (and still no multimode filter like the jp6 has).. but it hasn't the ju6's way of choosing ALL waveforms per OSC.. but it has Xmod modulation.. but: try to get one with programmer (pg80 / mpg80) or use mark strijbos' editor ( )
how does it sound? remember Axel F (Harold Faltermeyer)? big fat and somewhat "in" sound in the 80ies.
there have been some versions, find it out by power on & patch 1+3 held down.
Both: Jp6 and Jp8 and ( mks-80 ) are "so to speak" 2 times multitimbral ;) dual, split, unisono modes.. quite a lot for it's time..
Jupiter 8 Jupiter 8 synthesizer

Jupiter 8
Ju-8 - Jupiter-8
Jupiter 8 Jupiter 8 synthesizer IMAGE
Jupiter 8
MKS80 vs. JP8?
mks cons: no 12dB/oct filter mode, needs programmer or computer remote (not easy to edit on the box)
mks pro: more mod, bit like the jp6, same mods exept all mod switches being ONE of each destinations - on the jp6 you can have both., midi! the key follow was a slider in the jp6, in jp8 it's just a switch (on/off)
Jupiter 8 Jupiter 8 synthesizer

Jupiter 8
Roland Jupiter series
Jupiter 8 - Jupiter8 - Ju8 - Ju8
Jupiter 8 Jupiter 8 synthesizer IMAGE
Jupiter 8
(DCB to midi interface)
mark strijbos' editor (mks80)
Jupiter 8
Jupiter 8 Jupiter 8 synthesizer LINK
AUDIO FILE (download)
AUDIODEMO some audio by myself on the mks-80 (racked jupiter 8)
Jupiter 8

(iOS/OS X safari player)
Jupiter 8
Jupiter 8 Jupiter 8 synthesizer audio AUDIO
AUDIO FILE (download) by: Frank / MC4 (X)
more audio here at visiomedia

( all Tracks, including drums are Jupiter-8 only, Demo produced 1983 by Frank Luchs)
Jupiter 8
Frank Luchs hat 1983 dies komplett mit dem Jupiter 8 umgesetzt (inkl Drums).

(iOS/OS X safari player)
Jupiter 8
Jupiter 8 Jupiter 8 synthesizer audio AUDIO

ROLAND or Boss, Edirol formerly Ace, Acetone
roland synth manufacturer logo - Hersteller Logo

Roland was founded in 1972 by Ikutaro Kakehasi, Japan (prior companies: ace (drum machines and electronic organs and kakehashi musen), first synthesizer: 1972 - Mr. Kakehashis biography is available as a book from Robert Olsen.
- DIN SYNC: same as tb303, TR606, TR707 (also with MIDI)
Pins - Roland DIN sync:
from left to right: PIN 3 tempo clock, PIN 5 fill in, PIN 2 ground, (middle pin!), PIN 4 reset & start, PIN 1 start/stop

Official Intl. Site :

Roland wurde 1972 von Ikutakro Kakehashi gegründet, nachdem er Ace aufgebaut hatte. Von Kakehashi gibt es ein Buch vom PPV Verlag.

Offizielle Site (D)


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