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 YAMAHA TG33 Digital Synthesizer

Yamaha TG33 synthesizer
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Built 1990
Type: digital
Hybrid: no
32 Voice / Stimmen
16x Multitimbral
standard Memory / Speicher
Value / Wert in 2017 ca. 100 (-)
Synthesis: vector

OSC Features vector rompler 2MB
Wave Shapes digital
4 OSCs
0 Filter
4 LFOs triangle saw square s+h
5 Envelope Generators 4stage+R + 50stage-realtime

MIDI Control / Triggering
0 Keys with velocity aftertouch

Arpeggiator no
Sequencer no
(ID 135)
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ABOUT Vector Synth, uses FM and 12bit Rom Samples. voices is meant per osc, so using all 4 OSCs makes it 32/4=8 voices.
ABOUT Vector Synthesizer, der FM und 12bit Rom Samples verwendet. Stimmenanzahl hängt von der Anzahl der genutzten OSCs ab: bei 4 sinds nurnoch 32/4=8.
DETAILS complex envelopes allow crossfading between 4 OSCs, one source of spectra to blend bewteen can be 2-OP FM (only available via special software) and 12bit samples. recordable 50 stage envs can be done in realtime. Yamaha made the SY22 and the voice doubled TG33 and SY35 (all with AT and VEL , the tg33 has no keys of course) as VECTOR SYNTHESIZERS, so they all have 2 FM (2OP only) and 2 ROM OSCs (yamaha call it AWM) to blend between with a joystick like the prophet VS or korg wavestation.. the FM is not really accessable, but there are some secret paramters in there.. but not reachable via sounddiver etc. but I have seen 2 editors on PC that will do it.. but is is NOT more than adjusting the spectrum a bit and some harmonics.. but since it is based on FM (ok, it's only 2 Oscs, but its FM!) it should be mentioned here.. they are not bad for pads!.. there are some hidden parameters SY22,SY35,TG33: Algorithm, Waveform, Frequency, including Fixed Frequency Mode Detune and Pitch Scaling (also for rom sample section), Amp Envelope with Level/Rate scaling Pitch/Amp LFO switch (both operators) there is a cool site on the vector series here.. since the samples are 12bit and the FM is 2 Oscillator FM this one is for quite industrial pads!!.. since it is quite cheap you could have fun with one of these.. yamaha tg33 there are some editors for the hidden parameters, there are some little differences in the waveforms but most of them are "interchangeable" but not the same.. the tg33 is more a sy22 expander and the sy versions are 8times multitimbral and provide only one stereo out pair of jacks but have layer functionality and SY means 16 voices max. some screens and buttons are different. the SY need to send a whole sound while the tg33 accepts single sysex data, too.. the tg33 has 32 voices and is 16times multitimbral. no foot control (..) it's been said the sy-35 has some 16bit samples, but this is unclear.. but .. well "consider" it could be - tg33 and sy22 are still 12bit.. the tg33 looks very strange "desktop", its the expander version but it is not a rack.. it's a desktop synth. the SY's both are keyboards. the sy-22 is the smaller one (half the voice power of the tg-33) and half number of presets (thats sooo important, huh?)
DETAILS durch komplexe Hülkurve (50 Stufen) kann zwischen den 4 Quellen umgeblendet werden, die FM Spektren können nur per Spezialsoftware editiert werden (2 OP FM).
SOUND lofi and trashy special sounds. (underestimated), can sound a bit like the hi-end vector synths like VS , wavestation..
SOUND trashige und digitale spezialsounds. (wie immer unterschätzt). auch etwas eindruck wesentlich teurerer synthesizer (VS,wavestation) kann erweckt werden.
VERSION keyboard versions: SY22 and SY35 (less voices)
VERSION keyboardversionen: SY22 und SY35 (weniger stimmen)
AUDIO FILE (download)
Aliens Project - Toy of the Month Audio
Yamaha TG-33
Aliens Project - Toy of the Month Audio
Yamaha TG-33 TG-33 synthesizer audio AUDIO

YAMAHA or Nippon Gakki

Yamaha wasn't the first synth maker but after the monsterous and heavywight CS80 the DX7 was a little revolution in sound (FM synthesis and much more realistic sounds) and sold very very well, later innovations like physical modeling did not even hit the sales of later FM synths like the SY99 or FS1R. Yamaha owns Steinberg and SCI (Sequential Circuits) and the Prophet name and had about 40% of Korg for a time.

Official Intl. Site :

Yamaha war schon früh Musikinstrumentenhersteller, stieg aber erst 1974 mit einem Synthesizer ein, wirklich aufmerksam wurde man nach dem CS80 Monstersynthesizer vorallem durch den sehr gut verkauften DX7, dessen FM die Klänge der noch analogen Welt die Leute an "realistische Sounds" und irre dynamisch spielbar denken lies. Innovation gab es auch mit dem Physical Modelling Synthesizer VP1 und VL1, jedoch waren die kommerziell bei Weitem nicht so erfolgreich. Yamaha gehört heute auch Steinberg. Sie waren auch eine Zeit lang Eigner von Korg (40%) und hält den Namen Prophet / Sequential Circuits



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