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List of Synthesizers with fast LFOs (so to speak MG)


@ 50hz CS15,CS30, CS40m, CS80 etc. - all Yamaha FM Synthesizers (fixed freq. OPs moding other OPs) or the normal LFOs of any FM synth from yamaha - goes up to about <50Hz

  • Moog Voyager (50hz again) and of course theee LFO machine:

Minimoog, ems synthi A /AKS /VCS3 (500hz) - the "LFO" is similar to OSC3,

  • so the ARP 2600 counts in ,too
  • and other gear like steiner parker synthacon etc. that use the 3 VCO, 3rd is mod for VCO1+2-concept from the 70ies. (OSC speed)
  • MFB synth I+II,synth lite + lite II + poly lite .. about 50-60hz. the synth II has VCO mod/fm anyway,so it is very fast mod lfo/vco.. but the envs are the slowest I ever had..
  • possibly the "Oberheim" Viscount OB12, but do not ever think of... ;)
  • Roland Jupiter series (4+6 at 80-100hz, ju8 at 64hz) and Roland Promars - 80hz-100hz

and juno1/2 + mks50 also works at about 40-50hz (apprx./estimated) but the speed resolution is steppy..

Waldorf Microwave XT / Xtk and Microwave 2 (100Hz)

Korg Electribe SX und MX..

  • Clavia Nord Modular + G2 (ca 380hz o . OSC)
  • and most modular systems - since you can use an oscillator as LFO.. but some systems have LFO Modules with high speed such as the TMSS (theiss) or my "HelLFO" I am using in my moog (quad DIY LFO) ;)

and the SemtexI should say SCI Sixtrak ,too.. but it's range is digitally "reduced" (for its low number of steps/resolution per parameter)by looping the envelopes, you can built a very fast LFO, such as FM7 or the Andromeda (the a6 LFOs are very slow, but the env's aren't)