String Machines

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the poly string machines analog list, mostly full analogue. Fully polyphonic.

String Machines are almost from the 70ies and early 80s and tried to analoguely reproduce string orchestras nd were used a lot by classic electronic music and even beat bands. the most string machines came from italy or were sold by other companies and re-labeled.

Combi Synths (Strings, Bass and Lead)

The Synthesizers mostly got several Synth Sections dedicated to Strings, Basses etc., the Synth "main" part is often monophonic for lead sounds and the poly section a simple frequency divider full-polyphonic simple string machine or organ like thing with simple envelope. the workstations of the pre-past.

  • ARP / Solina String Ensemble
  • Korg ES-50 Lambda
  • ARP Omni
  • Vermona Piano-Strings von/from 1980
  • Hohner String Performer + String Melody (hersteller war eigentlich/originally manufactured by logan (the organ company))
  • Wersi Bass Synth
  • Wersi Stage Performer MK II
  • Farfisa polychrome
  • Farfisa synthorchestra
  • Moog liberation (has poly section, not really "big".
  • Moog Concertmate MG1 (see Liberation)
  • GEM 4900
  • Siel Cruise
  • Korg Delta und Trident
  • Crumar Multiman + Performer
  • Logan strings
  • Elka rhapsody
  • Korg polyphonic ensemble
  • Godwin String Concert bzw. den großen Bruder Symphony.
  • Roland RS-101 String-Ensemble, Tastatur-Synthesizer 1975
  • Roland RS-202 String Ensemble, Tastatur-Synthesizer 1976 *
  • Roland RS-09 Organ-Strings, Tastatur-Synthesizer 1979
  • Roland RS-505 String Paraphonic 505, Tastatur-Synthesizer 1979

well, and some organs like Jarres Eminent 310 (with Smallstone Phaser!) coool! ;)

not sure:

  • Yamaha SK10, 20, 30, 50D (more organ !!)
  • Solton Disco 64 (it's more sort of accompainment system)
  • very OT: analoge Radel Tambura (Saarang DX-Soft) ;)

not counted in

Tape based machines like Mellotron, Birotron, Orchestron..

no real string machines but poly analogue pre workstation workstations

and there is one Category, the "allrounders". it's a special kind of mixture synth with some synths in one box system.. those synthesizer had poly sections, strings , bass or something like this. like