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Left unchanged for years in times of OS 8 or OS9 from the old HTML Section of this site.. --- - 04:49, 10 November 2007 (CET)

Du suchst nach Klangideen? Synthesetipps - Wie ansetzen?

Seeeehr alte Ideen noch vor 2000... (aus historischen Gründen noch hier) Veeery old "ideas" about Synths from pre 2000 era..

I always wondered why no company has ever made a sampler with knobs.. that means : the normal synthesis knobs plus: start,pos,end and some more nice things!!.. ok the Waveterm/Wave 2.X could do it.. but how.. and its not what I meant...

Andromeda goes Modular


btw: the Alesis Andromeda (A6) (its VLSI chips?): well I could imagine a modular analog machine?: I skked about the "hard wiredness" of the "andy" because of the modularity it might give to is it possible to make the signal flow controlled freely by another chip (computer..).. or is it pre-wired in the "subtractive classical" way..?? its 90Mhz Coldfire Processor might still not be able to make a full modular system (btw: EMU uses 33Mhz for the Audity2000 and 40Mhz for the Proteus2000), but.. as a basic startup idea??..

(remember: my idea was to get more oscs / filters per patch and fm each other and get nicer "LFOs" (the OSCS!!!) ;-)) ahh.. btw: my biggest wish is still higher LFO frequencies for the real lfos.. any official statement?? I know any signals my be applied like another processor that may produce faster lfos etc.. but how about using the OSCs and filters etc.. as modular patchable modules??

Mike Peake (A6 product specialist:) There are oscillator/mixer chips and filter/mixer chips, and the signal flow in each and between each other is prewired. There is flexibility in the actual signal flow but in terms of altering it, nothing can be done aside from altering the connections between the chips and routing those connections. You -could- set up a system where the outputs of more than one oscillator chip were mixed and sent into a single filter chip, or filter chips in series, etc., but that would require a computer-controlled matrix mixer and switching in addition to the chips themselves and the circuitry that drives them. It's possible, but it would be a major project, even in comparison to the A6 is it already is. In other words, we've got our hands full with A6 already!

By the way, it is my understanding that it would take a processor of a large order of increase in speed to bring up the acceptable top end speed of the LFOs. If the Coldfire 5402 (?) had been in time for the project, it's only three times faster in most cases (as I understand it, and that's not much) and that would result in a top end rate of 75Hz. NOTE: Don't even ask for a version that uses a faster processor. It would be a huge project. Sorry.

well, looks like an expensive but possible way.. any volunteers? ;-))

Just wishes

ALL Synths & Samplers..: Morphing / Interpolation, fast LFOs (as fast as the OSC!!! incl. Filtermod. by OSC/very fast LFO) / ENVs more / new forms of granular (.i wish someone would make a little granular noise box. about the size of a wasp. with about 16 knobs..) etc.. ...maybe alongside FM and analog emulation. In an XT-size box with a built-in vocoder blahh.. every synth should have that nice drumeditor from the nord Lead!!.. you can use 8 or the like sounds to be played on one midichannel but: these are normal "patches" .. they should be stored there ,too..

Modmatrix Ideas / eg on Waldorf Synthesizers - possible on others, too

I'd appreciate if the synthesis things can be combined as far as DSP power goes.. by "patchcords" or so..

the Modmatrix could be done by 4 Knobs and a display that can be reached directly.. (faster than the one in the Q or Matrix6...)

in short.. for me it makes most sense to have it modular and be able to add samples in a cool way (like generator or Kyma... do)

that samples could be stored as samples and: like philip says.. as some sort of a queue of analysis data (there was something like this in the Axcel, right?)

and a step seq / TR X0X style Drum ed & Pads.. yeeees!!!

I'd buy one and sell everything... then!!..

what about this:

a central unit.. and a Knob & Display - panel!! incl Keyboard and some nice controllers (Pad,Ribbon,etc..) I like the Idea of the IBK10control.. but bigger!!

the display should allow everything.. TFT or the like..

but to cut the costs: attach a Mac PB to it as a display.. but should run without it too.. (ok.. a PC, too..)

these is the first 1 Euro (or should I say 0.01 Euro!).. or 2 Pfennig.

so to say.. I need a able-to-sample Nord Modular with Q Knobs or so.. but far cooler then..

and: it should really be able to do all the synthesis goodies... do not promise things that will never happen (there have been many "modular-concepts"..)

I like the Idea of those NM Slots but should be more flexible (use 2 or more slots when needed for polyphony/complexity.. etc..)

well.. I guess this machine would not very cheap.. but if it is able to do all those things I'd sell most of my things then..

but its hard to do... it must be more cool than the existing gear.. hmm.. good luck!!


ability writing/loading WAV, AIF files on Mac or Win/DOS formattet HD, faster LFOs!!!.. more filters, alternating loops! Ensoniq compatibelity.. btw there is a nice wishlist up !! there is a nice list,too: they will do: multiple multi setups ( in EOS4.5), they will continue to support the classic line (no hardware but EOS versions..) : to qute EMU: Their is no official plan to stop providing EOS software updates for our "classic" line. Our next software release, EOS 4.10 will be for both Ultra and Classic Owners. As long as we have new features and enhancements that are suitable for that platform, I don't see any reason to stop proving them to classic owners. by: sean at emu / ensoniq

Korg Z1

more Controllers on the panel.. to be realistic: every knob on the panel should control each parameters displayed (shift function if there are too many parameters eg.: the velocity ctrl. for ENV - parameters..!!?) eg: if OSC1 is selected you can directly control waveshape, Pitch etc.. if LFO1 is selected you can control shape, speed... with one turn..

Clavia Nord Modular / Micro Modular

DSP Expansion for the Micro Modular / ability to use all DSP power in one slot! sooner or later: samples!! and a longer delay (a long one).. yes.. need more DSP RAM.. I know.. an a long reverb & and: delays that can be used for physical modeling.. (more DSP RAM, I know) Mod'able Morphs, Editor: Auto-re-connect!! to the Mac/PC when it dropped the connection NM2: some predefined Knobs something like some knob rows with a display or cheaper: more knobs on the panel: some can be predefined as ENV: A,D,S,R - and other very often used things.. well ok, should more then double the knobs on the panel... but I prefer the display version.. maybe one for 2 Knobs...

Yamaha FS1R / TG77 / SY99

Knobs!!! Intitive Macros..

Yamaha TG77

Operator selection by one finger (more direct like on the DX11..)

Oberheim Xpander

faster ENVs / LFOs , Multimode able to receive PC for each ch./ indivually = no need to switch the whole multi-program (no need for SysEx)... Controllers instead of SysEx (faster / does not block MIDI), more MIDI Controllers

Clavia Nord Lead (II)=

more Filter Models and Mod.-Routings, better/more effective (Filter) Distortion, more Waveforms for LFO2 . Filters with high Resonance a bit thin..!! now the NL3 is real..


(its in the menu)! click the waldorf q... there you can find masses of infos/sounds & tricks on XT/MW2/Q etc..

info: PPG Wave disk format: there is a Linux driver to read the OS9 data format, or at least a raw driver that can be customized or so.With Windows, you will probably don't have a chance...related to the OS/9 that runs on the old Radio Shack Color Computers, which have 6809E's in them. It was a Unix-like OS that could multitask even on that little 2 MhZ (as I remember) machine. It would be cool if you could read the PPG disks using one of those . . . As far as I know, it was OS 9 (not to confuse with Mac OS 9 ;-)) which was developed by some German programmers. There was a computer based on this OS and the Waveterm B used the same main board.Check with the experts:

Waldorf: Short: more silly thoughts on a Waldorf Wave II or whatever.. and my fave idea (an all purpose 64 Knob boards with diplays for every knob (a 16x2 would be enough for showing parameter names of 6 knobs).. here is some more:

yes.. we HAD such a thread some moons ago.. I posted a lot of wishes that could be on the Wave2 then..

what comes up first are things like:

3 or more OSCs that have independent Wavetables, all FM able (Q like, yes..) very fast LFOs maybe there are no LFOS but 3 more OSCs that tange from very low to very high.. (our mini-discussion)

these Wavetables have many more Waves and full cycle.. and samples can be integrated into.. higher resolution and: of course downsizeable to the current Wavetables sound..

you should do all the analysis with samples on board and the quality could be that high that you can do re-synthesis stuff..

so.. maybe it is a deluxe sampler that cuts the samples into algorithms and sand saves its spectra then.. what use?? you can do morphing with this, very strange modulations and very xpensive sounding new soundscapes..

the sampler sections has knobs,too .. it is a very diffent kind of sampler.. and you can tweak the samples (I wonder why there is no real "analog"/VA interface sampler..)

well... but maybe i should mention my coolest wish.. it should be modular.. why not?? the UI would have to be flexible and some displays are needed to show what you are editting.. in the middle there is a big display for those Waves & modular stuff.. (please have a look at the other modulars, first!! NordMod & Pulsar.. - just to avoid their "mistakes"..)

I already told my visions on the ui: there are 2 basic ideas: modular UI / hybrid ui: 6 knobs sharing one display completely free.. and some dedicated sections for saving displays that are needed anyway: ADSR (or whatever...) more cool: having 64 knopbs and a shift button (get 127 real knobs then..) I know the need of 11 "16x2"-type displays then for the parameter names for the top of luxury interface (ibk control - like)

filters: all kind.. plus harmonics filtering stuff, Waveshaper, all xt & q filters.. , maybe the re-synthesis will make K2k like "free formant filter" (whats the term here??)

FX: all modable & CC able, reverb, delay, those already xisting Q&XT FX.. per voice FX.. (FDSP like..?) having fx for every voice is really cool and theiy are part of the sound.. not only the mix..

ok.. this is the first re-load of my idea stack.. I got more on my site and posted some more before..

and I still believe in the free UI - idea.. not a dedicated panel for every new machine.. (sorry Philip)..

the wave 2 is a very special machine.. so its use a a knob box (free assignable CCs for cc'ing others) would be a nice addition (XT,Q could have it ,too) including a knob local off..

if such a on-top synth would have a on-top sequencer on board (logic-like) would make me work on it only.. (of course I'd like it to have those Q & XT goodies like drummaps..)

now -back on my flying carpet- that sounds like an awfully xpensive machine.. well I'd think it would be ok if it is a pretty xpensive machine then.. and it should make the Q & XT "obsolete" (we all have to sell our cool stuff away to get one.. ne.way :-)

there are a few more concepts to talk.. maybe it could be less xpensive.. then the old wave...

but my demands seems as high as they will need to do special magic(k) to even develop such a nice machine at a nice price..

and I havent talked the details yet (big resolution windows for important parameters like cutoff, reso etc.. for using 2 CCs or more (internally it should do so anyway) for not getting the 113 - 114 cutoff problem (that seems to be the range where I want more numbers/resolution..) some WAVe typical things: upper wavetables!, hmt - so called hermode tuning.. sets every played chord into a clear temperament so it is never detuned as our "well tempered" scaling dictates.. (sorry Mr. Bach.. I still ove your music) ok.. quite a lot for a start isn't it? my -whatever- just 2 pieces of space money sized 3km per side.. (wanna see the porte-monnaie??) to be continued... just to be "complete I add Philip Pilgrims suggestion here.. yes.. it reads well.. and as always.. more isn't bad :-) : - 4 osc per voice - 4 separate wavetables - 64 part mod matrix - 32 part MultiTimberal - >64 voices - 1024 samples per wave w/o the mirror thing - 256 waves per wavetable - Each patch is stored with its associated wavetable samples (262144 samples !!!! 6sec !!!!) NOT like the existing pointers to wavetables and waves - Wave Step spacing parameter (ie if it was set to 4 the waves 0,4,8,12,16....256 would play like a good old 64 wave wavetable of old) - 4 wave envelopes - 4 LFO in audio range that can be used as OSC - 4 DAHDHSR envelopes - 4 Ramp Generators - USB interface with MIDI drivers for PC and Mac - OSC 1-4 as mod source - Filter models from SH-7, MS-20, Wave, MWI, MWII, Pulse, Q, Arp Odyssey, Mini Moog, Mark's Moog Modular (#???), DK-600, Kobol RSF, P5, Xpander & SEM....etc) - Wave Phase as mod destination - Env Trigger as mod destination

I had to say ths: well Philip.. your list is very nice..!!.. what about modular? USB is cool to (whaaaa.. I do not own ne gear (including my PB) that has USB.. but it is ok.. should be think future!!!..

I'd like a tracking generator (see xpander!),too!!

and many nice random generators (noises & chaos & controlled chaos..) I loved those chaos "somewhere between 20 and 35" generators.. and those cool waveforms for the LFOs..

of course real noise (and a knob from white to colored..),too..

what about a filterbank.. modulateable..??

I also love the idea of controling each pole seperately (yes.. I have heard & seen the sunsyn).. and have a morph for it..

I'd like morphing ne way.. more groups (hey.. see what clavia is doing/did!!)...

what? DAHDHSR.. no the d can be skipped.. Id prefer a free Wave-type ENv. as in the XT.. I never needed the delay at the beginning (ok.. seldomly)

with an 8 seg-env or such a great think as seen on the A6 (whaaaa)...

what about a vectorstick for those 4 OSCs?? & an env for them..??

just some thoughts..

=MOTU Interfaces= there are problems with these interfaces when using a PC.. on a MAc it runs fine.. on the PC: change now the new Driver V1.xx with the old driver from Support Disk (V1.0) and the SysExDumps from any synths works fine.


Sequencer Logic/Cubase

Step Sequencer & better Controller handling / automatic lists off all controllers on one window without having to define them separately.. - faster selection of Controllers..


XT Wavedit UPAW Macros!! (...) see Waldorf!!


should work propely with Logic, sounddiver & NordModular .. or in general.. it should work :-( (PS: Finally it worked fine btw.)